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"We didn't have a record of a trans athlete being at that school or even that sport, so we called to check," Ferree said. "The school told us, 'They're probably thinking about this girl who is very large for an eighth-grade girl and has a short haircut.'"

Though we are fighting every day in the courts and in legislatures, upholding trans rights will take more than judicial and legislative action. It will require rooting out the inaccurate and harmful beliefs underlying these policies. Below, we debunk four myths about trans athletes using the expertise of doctors, academics, and sports psychologists serving as experts in our litigation in Idaho.

Weight classifications in sports (e.g., football, wrestling, rowing, boxing) were designed to ensure healthy, safe, and fair play. While that is the concept, it is far from the reality due to the number of young athletes who try to manipulate the system.

At one end of the spectrum are those with mild energy imbalance. At the other end of the spectrum are athletes who try to lose weight (and subsequently maintain that lower weight) with dangerous techniques that may actually hurt athletic performance, increase injury, and cause medical complications.

Calorie requirements depend mainly on the size of the athlete and the caloric expenditure during exercise. The appropriate diet for most young athletes is 2,000-3,500 calories per day divided as follows:

Children and adolescent athletes can participate in strength training. They should begin by learning proper technique under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult. Weight loads should be increased gradually; programs should incorporate 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions with the athlete maintaining proper technique. Young athletes who have not finished puberty yet should be aware that, while weight training will improve strength, they might not see an increase in muscle bulk.

As a parent, the most important thing you can do is surround your child with a community of coaches and teammates who care more about his or her long-term health than short-term accomplishments. While an Olympian may say great achievements take great sacrifice, your teen is a teen first and an athlete second. When it comes to your child's long-term health, how much sacrifice is just too much?

AAP Preparticipation Physical Examination Form - The AAP recommends this form be used as the preferred tool for the sports preparticipation evaluation at the state and local level. It includes a standardized history-taking form that may be helpful for screening athletes for disordered eating, menstrual irregularities, etc.

Nevertheless, fairness is an elusive, subjective concept with malleable boundaries that may change over time as social concepts of fairness evolve. For example, until the late 19th century when organized sports trainers emerged, training itself was considered a breach of fairness because competition was envisaged at that time as a contest based solely on natural endowments. Similarly, sports once distinguished between amateurs and professionals. The concept of fairness has deep and complex philosophical roots mainly focused on notions of distributive justice. These considerations affect sports through the universal application of antidiscrimination and human rights legislation. Less attention is given to the philosophical basis of fair competition in elite sports, where the objectives are not egalitarian but aim to discover a hierarchy of achievement derived from a mixture of unequal natural talent and individual training effort. Excellent, insightful discussion of the legal and moral complexities of sex and fair competition in elite sports from a legal scholar and former elite female athlete is available (2).

Similar to all hormones and drugs, over their effective range of biological activity the dose-response relationship for testosterone is usually a sigmoidal curve with lower and upper plateaus joined by a monotonically rising middle region, which may


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