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Wade In The Water Lyrics


Wade In The Water Lyrics

There have been a number of subsequent publications with variations on the lyrics. In James W. Johnson's 1926 The book of American Negro spirituals, the song is entitled, "God's A-gwineter Trouble De Water" and the first line is "Wade in de water, children."[19]

Stand Up is a song from the 2019 motion picture Harriet, that references the song in the line "I'm wading through muddy waters." That line could also be a reference to Muddy Waters, one of the most famous blues singers.[citation needed]

Capo at 1st FretChorusAm7 G F7 E Wade in the wa-ter;Am7 G F7 E Wade in the water, children,Am7 G F7 E Wade in the wa-ter;Am7 EGod's gonna trouble the water.VerseAm7 G F7 E Who's that young girl dressed in redAm7 G F7 E Wade in the wa-ter;Am7 G F7 E Must be the children that Moses led,Am7 EGod's gonna trouble the water.

Who's that young girl dressed in redWade in the water;Must be the children that Moses led,God's gonna trouble the water.Wade in the water;Wade in the water, children,Wade, in the water;God's gonna trouble the water.

Blackwater is still. I glide on a watercolor palette in the setting sun, dipping my paddle into a patchwork sea of peony pinks, magentas, and dusky blues. The bow of my boat cuts through a decrescendo of gold gouache ripples. Everything is moving, yet everything has stopped. It could be 1855.

Perhaps it was a warm spring South Carolina night in May 1862 when the water beckoned with the promise of safety and serenity to Robert Smalls, an enslaved man in South Carolina and an ancestor of mine. Perhaps he remembered the lyrics to these spirituals that early morning when the Confederate soldiers took shore leave from the ship The Planter, leaving Smalls and several others to consider the unthinkable.

Water surrounds. Even the breeze here is heavy with water. Suspended in the thick and humid air, it quenches the verdant coastal forests. Hugging the shoreline, it licks the sandy brink. Here, in this clammy, subtropical climate, it supports life.

Here on the Sea Islands, the water cradled the West African farmers in a sacred semi-isolation. As malaria and yellow fever spread, non-Africans often left the rice fields (with maybe one or two people left behind during the spring and summer months). Despite the heavy toll on the community with many lost to these diseases, the region and the people were culturally freer and able to create and maintain some sense of their collective heritage.

At 3:25 a.m. The Planter surged forward, slicing through Atlantic waters. Passing by other Confederate ships, Smalls flashed the correct naval signals to gain safe passage through the fleet that was tightly protecting Charleston and Sumter. It was just dark enough that he was mistaken several times for the captain of the ship.

The wisdom of these lyrics urging my people to stay close to the water is rooted in something older and stronger than the thousands of vessels, unimaginable manpower, and unmistakable greed that created and sustained the Transatlantic slave trade. Enslavement was meant to define and overpower my people, but they resisted. Like the water that surrounded them, they carried on with strength, stalwart consistency, and beauty.

(Chorus)Wade in the water.Wade in the water, children.Wade in the water.God's gonna trouble the water.Well, who are these children all dressed in redGod's a-gonna trouble the waterMust be the children that Moses ledGod's a-gonna trouble the water.ChorusWho's that young girl dressed in whiteWade in the WaterMust be the Children of IsraelitesGod's gonna trouble the Water.ChorusJordan's water is chilly and cold.God's gonna trouble the water.It chills the body, but not the soul.God's gonna trouble the water.ChorusIf you get there before I do.God's gonna trouble the water.Tell all of my friends I'm coming too.God's gonna trouble the water.ChorusRead more Worship Songs Lyrics

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