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[S6E23] Love, Boat

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[S6E23] Love, Boat

Chandler goes out to dinner with Monica with plans to propose to her, which are derailed by the sudden appearance of Richard. Rachel, Phoebe and Joey go to a silent auction and Joey accidentally buys a boat. Ross is starting to feel the age difference between him and Elizabeth.Tropes: Accidental Bid: Joey goes with Rachel and Phoebe to a silent auction and accidentally makes a twenty-thousand-dollar bid for a boat (he thought it was just guessing at prices). He wins the bid, much to his distress as he doesn't have that kind of money. Call-Back: We hear the tail-end of Monica recounting the story of the time where she got trapped in a bathroom with her parents having sex. Derailing Love Interests: Taken to the point of self-parody. Ross decided to break up with Elizabeth for the perfectly valid reason that they are at very different stages of their lives and he doesn't see a future. All of a sudden, just as he's having second thoughts, Elizabeth sticks her head out the window, yells at Ross, and hits him with a water balloon. Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Phoebe agrees to go to the auction after learning there's an open bar and immediately helps herself to a tray full of drinks.Rachel: How is you drinking helping the kids Phoebe: Because the more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink. Indirect Kiss: In the cold open, Phoebe puts the ring in her mouth to hide it from Monica when she comes in. When Monica goes to the other room, Chandler snatches it back, but then Monica comes in again and Chandler does the same thing as Phoebe. Phoebe comments that it could count as a kiss between them and gives a come-hither look to Chandler. Kiddie Kid: Elizabeth and her friends are 20-year old students, yet behave several years younger, with their high-pitched screams and water battle. Old Flame: There's still a lot of sexual tension (and unresolved feelings) between Monica and Richard. Schmuck Bait: Ross thinks this was the healthiest, friendliest breakup he ever had. He leaves Elizabeth's dorm, she calls for him and... as soon as he turns towards her, she throws a water balloon at him right in mid-campus. Water Guns and Balloons: When Ross goes to Elizabeth's dorm to talk to her, she and her colleagues are having a water balloon fight with an adjoining dorm. After he leaves her dorm, she hits him with a water balloon. Wham Line: The episode ends with Richard declaring to Monica that he's still in love with her. Woman Scorned: Elizabeth throws a water balloon at Ross because he dumped her. You Must Be Cold: During her date with Chandler, Monica asks if she can borrow his jacket. Unknown to her, he has an engagement ring hidden in the pocket but of course, can't tell her and makes up the excuse that if he gives her his jacket, he will be cold.

Happy Full House Friday Everyone,Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.Today, I kick off a new Jesse Series for January 2023, Jesse's Ladies and I'm starting with Full House S1E5: Sea Cruise, which aired on October 16, 1987. Basically covering all the ladies that came before Becky.In this episode Danny's all-male fishing trip turns into a love-boat cruise. The girls spend the night at Grandma's leaving the guys with an empty house for the first time ever. Danny uses this opportunity to suggest they go on a midnight fishing trip down at the marina, just the guys.However Joey and Jesse have other plans of the lady variety, but Danny digs in his heels and plays the guilt card of he's not ready to meet anyone new, so Joey and Jesse give in and they go down to the marina for what they think is a guys only night out, but boy are they surprised. Jesse is reunited with an old flame, famous Rockstar Roxana who brings along her back up singers Yvonne and Vega, and we also have the Captain of the boat Neptune's Bride, none other than Captain Jack's granddaughter Caroline.Danny's turns the co-ed boat trip into a sulk


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