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Falling For Christmas (2016) Extra Quality

"Falling for Christmas" is frankly one of the most text book Christmas movies I have watched this year (2016). On one hand we have the professional sportswoman who has devoted her entire life to sport and on the other we have the single dad, a real nice guy who will help others and of course he has a cute daughter who is a fan of the sportswoman. Yes romance blossoms and in this case Claire will face a choice when she has rested and healed. Plus of course whilst Luke grows fond of Claire he wonders about Jullian when he shows up.

Falling for Christmas (2016)

Parents need to know that Falling for Christmas is a predictable but tween-friendly holiday romantic comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Glee's Chord Overstreet. Extremely wealthy characters learn about life's simpler pleasures following an accident, which involves falling down a mountain. One rams into a tree head first and loses her memory. Some characters, including a child, are also grieving loved ones who passed away. The same child makes a Christmas wish for her father to find new love, and there's a mysterious Santa-like character. The film underscores the idea that doing good for others has its own rewards and that wealth doesn't necessarily bring happiness. Expect a bit of drinking and mild flirtation and kissing. One character who goes from a relationship with one person to the appearance of one with another.

This Canadian TV movie is about a big city figure skater (with a lightly sore ankle that hurts only when it's convenient) who very quickly weasels her way into the family of a mountain town hockey player (bland super Dad) and his kid. They don't do anything romantic, except when she crashes through thin ice, and jump straight into 'acting like a family' - all of which seem like strange tactics for falling in love. Must be the Canadian way.

the classic christmas dilemma of do i take the cortisone shot for my shattered ankle or do i let myself get swallowed up by the void of the hallmark-fantasy quiet mountain town where everyone is dying to serve you apple cider

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