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Buying Guide Second Hand Car

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Should you decide to buy directly from the owner, you must be extra vigilant about things like the mileage (it could have been altered), safety checks, the age and quality of the second hand tyres, and service history.

Both 24kWh and later 30kWh models are available on the secondhand EV market. DC fast charging is also supported, although that does accelerate the loss of battery capacity over time that EVs suffer. Post-2013 models are the better buy, and the second-generation Leaf from 2018 on is a very accomplished, affordable mainstream EV. Like the Renault Zoe, some models are part of a battery leasing scheme. Do your research in the showroom.

Buying a second-hand bike is a great way to maximise your value for money, as long as you take a few steps to make sure you're getting a good deal. With Halfords having recently announced its intention to sell on used bikes (see box), we've put together some tips to help make sure you bag a bargain.

While a second-hand car in Singapore costs less than what you would pay for a brand-new one, the additional costs can easily add up. To prevent sticker shock, this free car expense calculator by LTA will help you visualise the costs involved in owning a car. You can also see how much your ride will cost you per month, as well as better compare the new and used prices of your car.

A good starting point would be online car marketplaces like Motorist, sgCarMart, or even Carousell Motors. These platforms make it easy to compare prices and understand market trends and price points. Many of them also offer insurance and loan options too, making them useful tools to understand and monitor the second-hand car market wherever you are.

What does this mean? Well, luxury vehicles, like BMW models, are ideal second-hand vehicles to purchase. You'll save money, avoiding the initial depreciation that occurs when you buy one brand new. You'll also come closer to breaking even when you eventually sell it.

True. I bought a second hand E200(y2016)that clocked 80K for 100K. Its a CKD. Spend 40K just for various repairs. No service records at Mercedes Benz Malaysia when I checked. And, with lousy Merz mechanics at JB, no one can figure out whats the issue when car do no start once in a while. Sold it, bought a new i10 and i am living at peace for past 3 years. TBH, second hand dealers seems change your valuable car parts after you test drive and confirm your purchase. So just buy from certified car dealers like pre certified mercedes/bmw.

The second hand buying experience described here is nothing like what the average Malaysian will see when they are shopping for a used vehicle. And bear in mind the average Malaysian is not going to be shopping at some Conti pre-approved vehicle lot.

New Hampshire's Consumer Protection Act expressly prohibits a seller from "[r]epresenting that goods are original or new if they are deteriorated, altered, reconditioned, reclaimed, used or secondhand." Any advertisements, sales pitches, or other documents that represent program cars as new cars are of interest to the New Hampshire Consumer Protection & Antitrust Bureau. Although the Bureau cannot take action in every case, the Bureau is interested in monitoring the trends in this area. If you can demonstrate that a dealer misrepresented a used car as new, then you have a strong case to rescind the sales contract because the dealer used deceptive methods to make the sale.

For the purposes of this guide however we'll restrict ourselves to the less exotic examples. In PH Classifieds we found this early (2014) 48,000-mile M3 in black with red leather. It's a repaired Cat S car, which is the second lightest accident damage rating, and is up for 23,990. For a little more money and a little more peace of mind, how about this 2014 41,000-miler in Yas Marina light blue at 27,500?

Again, this all depends on the make and model. What is considered normal for a hot hatch or saloon might not be the same for an MPV: Roadster or targa. C


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