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on april 26, police arrested sajad khaksari, the 25-year-old son of mohammad khaksari and soraya darabi, leaders of the teachers' trade association, which the government banned in 2007. authorities first arrested sajadin in 2006 for his writings in a union publication and again in january for taking photographs of a government building. his april arrest was for attending an illegal teachers' gathering in front of the parliament. on june 6, a revolutionary court acquitted him of all charges, and an appeals court commuted the six-month prison sentence for his first arrest. in the aftermath of the postelection crackdown on activists, the prosecutor ordered the court to send sajad's file to a different revolutionary court branch that retried him, without his lawyer present, and sentenced him to one year in prison on the charges for which he had been acquitted. sajad appealed the sentence and was reacquitted on two of the three charges. the final charge had yet to be heard by a public court in tehran at year's end. 3d9ccd7d82

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