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How to Watch Quick Gun Murugan, a Tamil Action Comedy Film

Quick Gun Murugan is a 2009 Indian action comedy film that features a cowboy superhero who fights against a villainous restaurant owner. The film is a spoof of Tamil and Western films, and it stars Rajendra Prasad, Rambha, Nassar, and Raju Sundaram. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English languages.

If you are looking for ways to watch Quick Gun Murugan online, here are some options you can try:

Amazon Prime Video: You can rent or buy the film in SD quality for $1.99 or $7.99 respectively. You can also watch it with subtitles in Spanish[^2^].

Tubi TV: You can stream the film for free with ads on this platform[^1^].

AsianCrush: You can also stream the film for free with ads on this platform[^1^].

Google Sites: You can download the film from Rapidshare links that are posted on this site[^3^]. However, this may not be a legal or safe option, and we do not recommend it.

We hope this article helps you enjoy Quick Gun Murugan, a hilarious and action-packed film that will make you laugh and cheer.

Quick Gun Murugan is a film that pays homage to the Tamil cinema of the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the Western genre of Hollywood. The film is full of colorful characters, witty dialogues, catchy songs, and absurd humor. The film also has a social message about vegetarianism and animal rights, as the protagonist fights against the villain who wants to make dosas out of cows.

The film was directed by Shashanka Ghosh, who is known for his work in advertising and music videos. The film was produced by Phat Phish Motion Pictures, a Mumbai-based production house that specializes in independent and experimental films. The film was shot in various locations in India and Thailand, and it features a mix of live action and animation.

Quick Gun Murugan received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but it has gained a cult following over the years. The film was nominated for several awards, including the Best Film award at the Asian Festival of First Films in 2009. The film also spawned a comic book series and a video game.

Some of the memorable quotes from Quick Gun Murugan are:

"Mind it!" - Quick Gun Murugan's catchphrase.

"I am a vegetarian. I don't eat anything that has a mother." - Quick Gun Murugan.

"You are a dosa. I am a masala dosa." - Rice Plate Reddy.

"I am not a mango. I am a Mango Dolly." - Mango Dolly.

Some of the trivia about Quick Gun Murugan are:

The film was inspired by a character created by Rajendra Prasad for a television show called Channel V in the 1990s.

The film features a cameo appearance by Sajid Khan, a Bollywood director and actor, who plays himself in a spoof of his own show.

The film's soundtrack was composed by Daniel George, Sagar Desai, and Raghu Dixit, and it features songs in various languages and genres.

The film's title is a reference to Quick Draw McGraw, a cartoon character who was also a cowboy. 9160f4acd4


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