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You Dont Know Jack [NTSC-U][ISO]

Download ->>>

DSP - Which sound DSP version the game is using. Do not use "unknown" if you don't know the version. Unknown is a valid entry from nintendont's log when it didn't find the DSP version. If you don't know the version, just leave it empty. You can also drag and drop the ISO into dspscan or search this list of NTSC DSPs to obtain the DSP version.

I am a big fan of the original games for the gamecube and because this rom hack is not too transformative I would say it is hard not to like it, I do like the increase in difficulty too. I know this is an early version of this rom hack so I didn't have the biggest expectations though I do wish there were more shadow pokemon added to it. I've already beaten Venus and I dont think I have encountered a single new shadow pokemon yet which is strange. Also I am not too much of a fan of the first 7 zones of Mt Battle being turned into easy exp grinding. I was personally quite a fan of the 100 round gauntlet. Lastly I would particularly enjoy if there were more quality of life changes, if you could manage some way to purify shadow pokemon earlier that would be quite nice.

I started playing this hack a few days ago and now that I am finished and it has been a pleasant experience.- I know that in the original there werent that many shadow pokemon, but it may have been possible to add a few more. Its mostly the same Pokemon as in the original, except for a few like Salamance out of my head. and not only the shadow pkmn, most of the trainer have the exact same pkmn.I even remember getting Heracross here in the Pokemon Lab and in the original in Realgam Tower. It could have been a new pkmn instead of it switching with another one.It got a little stale for me.I find it good however, that most of the trainer pokemon are evolutions. Take for example the first trainer in the game.- The Master Ball Glitch still is in the game. It works by catching a shadow Pokemon with your first pokemon and than switching the master ball with another ball in your items. It could be prevented by simply turning it off. So you cant switch items while in battle. It isnt a big deal, you can just avoid to do it in the first place. Also a wider variety of balls to buy would be a good inclusion. And not beeing able to buy balls in other places and only in Outskirt Stand.Same goes for some other items. Also its nice that it seemed a little easier to catch pokemon. Was the catch rate for the 3 dogs higher? I did like that. - Trainers tend to be a little dumb. Sometimes they boost their stats even tho they only have 10% hp left. They sometimes attack the pokemon that is resisting their attack and not the one weak to it. The lvl Cap is fine however. You are never overleveled and thats a good thing. You also dont have to grind as much. Its a good pacing.- Items overall. I know its 3rd gen but if we take Pokemon xg for example, there was not only Choice band, but Choice specs and lifeorb included. Some others as well. Having more options when team building is always good.

I did llike many quality of life changes tho. Including physical/special split was needed in these old games. Many pokemon were unusable because of that. Reusing TMs, beeing able to see your shadow pokemons nature before it is freed. That wasnt possible before.Having said all that, I dont know how hard it is to program new things into the game. Like more shadow pokemon or new items.I still think it was fun overall, but it could defintly improve a little 781b155fdc


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