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How to Print Your Own UNO Cards at Home

How to Print Your Own UNO Cards at Home

If you love playing UNO but don't have a deck of cards handy, you might be wondering if you can print your own UNO cards at home. The answer is yes, you can! In this article, we will show you how to download and print a PDF file with all the UNO cards you need to enjoy this classic card game.

printable uno cards pdf

What You Need to Print Your Own UNO Cards

To print your own UNO cards, you will need the following:

  • A color printer

  • A PDF reader software (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  • A PDF file with the UNO cards (you can download one from Worksheets Site)

  • Cardstock paper or regular paper

  • A pair of scissors or a paper cutter

How to Download and Print the UNO Cards PDF File

Follow these steps to download and print the UNO cards PDF file:

  • Go to Worksheets Site and click on the link that says "UNO cards printable PDF".

  • Enter the password "" to open the PDF file.

  • Save the PDF file to your computer or device.

  • Open the PDF file with your PDF reader software.

  • Select the print option and choose your printer settings. Make sure to select "Actual size" or "100%" for the scale, and choose the best quality for the print mode.

  • Load your cardstock paper or regular paper into your printer tray.

  • Print the PDF file. You should have four pages with 27 cards each.

  • Cut out the cards along the dotted lines with your scissors or paper cutter.

How to Play UNO with Your Printed Cards

Now that you have your printed UNO cards, you can play UNO with your friends or family. Here are the basic rules of UNO:

  • The goal of UNO is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards.

  • The game is played with 108 cards: 76 numbered cards (0-9) in four colors (red, yellow, green, blue), 24 action cards (8 Draw Two, 8 Reverse, 8 Skip) in four colors, and 8 Wild cards (4 Wild, 4 Wild Draw Four).

  • Each player starts with 7 cards. The rest of the cards form a draw pile. One card is turned over from the draw pile to start a discard pile.

  • The player to the right of the dealer goes first. On your turn, you must play a card that matches the color, number, or symbol of the top card on the discard pile. For example, if the top card is a red 7, you can play any red card or any 7 card.

  • If you don't have a matching card, you must draw a card from the draw pile. If you can play the card you drew, you can do so. Otherwise, your turn ends.

  • Action cards have special effects. Draw Two forces the next player to draw two cards and skip their turn. Reverse changes the direction of play. Skip skips the next player's turn. Wild lets you choose any color for the next card. Wild Draw Four lets you choose any color and forces the next player to draw four cards and skip their turn.

  • If you play a Wild or Wild Draw Four card, you must declare a color for the next card. You can choose any color, including the one that was previously played.

  • If you have only one card left in your hand, you must say "UNO" before playing it. If you forget to say "UNO" and another player catches you before the next player plays a card, you must draw two cards as a penalty.

The round ends when one player plays their last card. The other players add up the points in their hands e0e6b7cb5c


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