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HD Online Player (evangelion 1.11 English Dub 1080p Do)

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HD Online Player (evangelion 1.11 English Dub 1080p Do)

a feature that was introduced in the evangelion series is the battle fields system. it's sort of like a choose your own adventure book, where the player has to go to different places and fight battles in order to gain new eva units and strengthen the ones they already have. while the series starts out with basic battles, the game does allow for a number of minor adjustments, like the ability to use revive on allies. battle field story mode places the player in a story where they are tasked with changing the course of events in the battle fields system, so they can complete the story in the game.

one of the most popular features of the game is the resurrection system. each unit has a life bar that they start with, and battles will drain the bar for a time that varies with the unit. when this bar is emptied, the unit is no longer usable. killing enemies also drains a life bar, to be refreshed with more health points. if this bar is empty, the unit is gone. killing enemies will also drain the player's health, which will cause them to have to respawn. if the player dies, they will see their friends list, and can revive them in the process. however, there are times where the player cannot revive a friend, and has to use a first aid kit to revive them. as the player progresses through the story, they will get first aid kits that can be used to revive other pilots.

battle orchestra's multiplayer mode, operation: multi-person angel annihilation, is available on the internet service provider docomo. in this mode, the player can control up to 4 units at once in a single fight. this mode is a follow up to the player's ranking after their score in the operation: angel annihilation mode. 3d9ccd7d82


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