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Sozomen Istoria Bisericeasca Pdf 17 Free

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Sozomen - Istoria BisericeascÄ: A Historical Account of the Church in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries

Sozomen was a Byzantine lawyer and church historian who lived in the fifth century. He wrote a nine-volume work called Istoria BisericeascÄ (Ecclesiastical History), which covers the events of the church from the reign of Constantine the Great (324) to the seventeenth year of Theodosius II (439). His work is one of the main sources for the history of Christianity in this period, especially for the controversies over Arianism and other heresies.

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of Sozomen's life and work, as well as a link to download a PDF version of his Istoria BisericeascÄ in Romanian. We will also highlight some of the most interesting and important episodes that he narrates in his history.

Sozomen's Life and Work

Sozomen was probably born around 400 in Bethelia, a village near Gaza, in a pious Christian family. He moved to Constantinople, where he practiced law and became acquainted with some of the prominent figures of his time, such as John Chrysostom, Nestorius, and Cyril of Alexandria. He also traveled to Palestine, Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor, where he visited many monasteries and holy places.

Between 435 and 450, he composed his Istoria BisericeascÄ, which he dedicated to Theodosius II. He intended to continue the history of Eusebius of Caesarea, who had written a ten-volume work covering the church from its origins to 324. He also used other sources, such as Socrates Scholasticus, Athanasius of Alexandria, Rufinus of Aquileia, and various letters and documents. However, he did not always cite his sources or critically evaluate them. He was more interested in presenting a positive image of the church and its leaders than in providing an objective and accurate account.

Sozomen's Istoria BisericeascÄ was subjected to a severe censorship by Theodosius II, who ordered some passages to be deleted or altered. The original text has not survived, but we have two recensions that reflect different stages of the censorship process. The first recension is preserved in Greek manuscripts, while the second recension is found in Latin translations and some Greek fragments.

Download Sozomen - Istoria BisericeascÄ PDF

If you want to read Sozomen's Istoria BisericeascÄ in Romanian, you can download a PDF version from this link[^1^]. This edition was published in 1897 by Nicolae Iorga, a Romanian historian and politician. It contains an introduction, notes, and indexes.

The PDF file has 121 MB and 544 pages. You can read it online or save it on your device for offline access. You can also print it or share it with others who are interested in learning more about Sozomen and his history.

Some Highlights from Sozomen's History

Sozomen's Istoria BisericeascÄ contains many fascinating stories and anecdotes about the church and its leaders in the fourth and fifth centuries. Here are some examples:

In book 1, chapter 17, he describes how Constantine saw a vision of a cross in the sky before his decisive battle against Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge in 312. He also tells how Constantine ordered his soldiers to paint the sign of Christ on their shields.

In book 2, chapter 27, he recounts how Athanasius escaped from his enemies by hiding among five monks who were carrying baskets of bread. He also relates how Athanasius performed many miracles during his exile.

In book 3, chapter 16, he reports how Julian the Apostate tried to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem in order to disprove the prophecy of Jesus that it would be destroyed 248dff8e21


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