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Base Line

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Base Line

BASEline is a set of tools to help wingsuit pilots analyze flight data. There is an android app for logging data, and in-flight audible feedback. There is also this website, where you can upload GPS data to be analyzed.

BASEline generates unique maps and charts to help you to analyze your skydiving and BASE jumping data. Maps include 3D visualizations inside Google Earth to explore flyable terrain and evaluate flight plans and margins. Charts include the usual plot of altitude, speed etc. Machine learning helps to automatically identify exit, deployment, landing, and jump type. BASEline has led the way in developing new ways of visualizing wingsuit flight data.

The lake level is drawn down each winter to reduce the ice damage to the shoreline. Lowering of the lake level is scheduled in coordination with the closing of the Department of Natural Resources boat launch on Portage Lake. Typically, the drawdown to the winter level begins mid-November.

Even though Windows and Windows Server are designed to be secure out-of-the-box, many organizations still want more granular control over their security configurations. To navigate the large number of controls, organizations need guidance on configuring various security features. Microsoft provides this guidance in the form of security baselines.

We recommend that you implement an industry-standard configuration that is broadly known and well-tested, such as Microsoft security baselines, as opposed to creating a baseline yourself. This industry-standard configuration helps increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Every organization faces security threats. However, the types of security threats that are of most concern to one organization can be different from another organization. For example, an e-commerce company may focus on protecting its internet-facing web apps, while a hospital may focus on protecting confidential patient information. The one thing that all organizations have in common is a need to keep their apps and devices secure. These devices must be compliant with the security standards (or security baselines) defined by the organization.

A security baseline is a group of Microsoft-recommended configuration settings that explains their security implication. These settings are based on feedback from Microsoft security engineering teams, product groups, partners, and customers.

In modern organizations, the security threat landscape is constantly evolving, and IT pros and policy-makers must keep up with security threats and make required changes to security settings to help mitigate these threats. To enable faster deployments and make managing Microsoft products easier, Microsoft provides customers with security baselines that are available in consumable formats, such as group policy object backups.

You can download the security baselines from the Microsoft Download Center. This download page is for the Security Compliance Toolkit (SCT), which comprises tools that can assist admins in managing baselines in addition to the security baselines. The SCT also includes tools to help you manage the security baselines. You can also get support for the security baselines

MDM security baselines can easily be configured in Microsoft Intune on devices that run Windows 10 and Windows 11. For more information, see List of the settings in the Windows 10/11 MDM security baseline in Intune.

Since the birth of the Industrial Revolution, large corporations have contributed a staggering amount of pollution to the environment, which has been a key driver of climate change. A recent report by the Carbon Majors Database found that 100 companies in the energy sector are responsible for roughly 71 percent of all industrial emissions.

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