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Lena Miclaus Si Ghita Munteanu - Am Vrut Un Strop De Fericire


In 2018, the Korea Music Content Industry Association implemented a new certification system for album sales, song downloads, and online streaming. Starting with music released on or after January 1, 2018, Gaon Chart now certifies albums platinum once they reach 250,000 sales, while songs receive a platinum certification at 100 million streams or 2.5 million downloads.

If this feature is undesirable, there are additional patches included in the download that can make the shiny rate 1/4096 (equal to Gen 6 and above) or 1/8192 (equal to Platinum's normal rate) instead.

The download includes a "SpeedUpPatch" which can be applied to Renegade Platinum which adds a few things to speed up the normally sluggish gameplay in Platinum. It does three things: all text will appear instantly, HP and EXP bars will no longer animate between positions and the 30 FPS cap of the game has been removed, allowing it to run up to a maximum of 60 FPS depending on the hardware capability. These changes together mean battles can go significantly faster.

As you may have seen at the end of each section, there is documentation available in the form of text files for mostly every change that has been made in the game. The files are included in the download for the hack, but can also be viewed online at this link:

did you read the "Evolution changes" documentation provided with the download? if you did, you would have seen the following:- Eevee: Now only evolves into Espeon with the Sun Stone.- Eevee: Now only evolves into Umbreon with the Moon Stone.please read the documentation in future, it's really helpful

is the super rod supposed to be very hard to use ? whenever im fishing its always a guessing game on when to reel the rod, before i can even press the button to reel it in half a second later it says the pokemon got away. When playing the original platinum i dont remember the super rod being this hard to use ?

Specifically, NARCArchive::readNitroFrames (from Universal Pokemon Randomizer) seems to fail on an arrayCopy call claiming something is out of bounds, but it seems to work fine on the base platinum ROM.

yeah none of dray's hacks are good with randomizers and it can really be an issue to do so (see game boy luke and patterz renegade platinum randomizer nuzlocke on youtube to know why) sufficed to say, you don't want to randomize the hack.

These tracks show high-confidence "Platinum Genome" variant calls for two individuals,NA12877 and NA12878, part of a sequenced 17 member pedigree for family number1463, from the Centre d'Etude du Polymorphisme Humain (CEPH). The hybridtrack displays a merging of the NA12878 results with variant calls produced by Genome in aBottle, discussed further below. CEPH is an international genetic research center that providesa resource of immortalized cell cultures used to map genetic markers, and pedigree 1463represents a family lineage from Utah of four grandparents, two parents, and 11 children.The whole pedigree was sequenced to 50x depth on a HiSeq 2000 Illumina system, which isconsidered a platinum standard, where platinum refers to the quality and completeness ofthe resulting assembly, such as providing full chromosome scaffolds with phasing andhaplotypes resolved across the entire genome.

These tracks represent a comprehensive genome-wide set of phased small variants that have beenvalidated to high confidence. Sequencing and phasing a larger pedigree, beyond the two parentsand one child, increases the ability to detect errors and assess the accuracy of more of thevariants compared to a standard trio analysis. The genetic inheritance data enables creating a morecomprehensive catalog of "platinum variants" that reflects both high accuracy andcompleteness. These results are significant as a comprehensive set of validsingle-nucleotide variants (SNVs) and insertions and deletions (indels),in both the easy and difficult parts of the genome, provides a vital resource for softwaredevelopers creating the next generati


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