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Where Can You Buy A Straight Jacket

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Where Can You Buy A Straight Jacket

This canvas straight jacket with real leather straps is the only one still used by the medical profession today for all its restraining needs. It is made of sail quality canvas and medical grade leather and very secure. These straight jackets were featured on Freak Show Deluxe, Jackass and America's Next Top Model. Large Jacket Size 48-50

We at Real Strait Jackets specialize in unique and custom designs, Magician's and Performer's jackets, costumes, and high quality restraints. All our straitjackets are made in the USA! Much of the work is done by hand to insure the highest quality products.

I should mention, when wearing this costume, I never had the sleeves attached behind my back; I just let the long sleeves hang down, and the sleeves had a hole at the wrist where you can stick your hands through if you want. When posing for pictures I just folded my arms to pretend the sleeves were attached in the back.

Once all of this was assembled, I brought the straight jacket outside to paint it and dirty it up. I protected my work area with a shower curtain from the dollar store, weighed down with bricks and stuff.

I used black spray paint as a sort of giant airbrush, holding it about twelve inches above the straight jacket and spraying a fine mist of black paint over it in order to make it look worn out and filthy.

I then used lots of watered-down black acrylic paint to create lots of stains and splatters. I did a little bit of red paint too for some blood splatters. The cheap synthetic material of the straight jacket was pretty water resistant so some of the paint rolled off at first, but little by little I was able to dirty up the surface really nicely.

Since I was specifically going for Renfield from Dracula, I added a plastic spider on the front of the straight jacket (since Renfield ate bugs and spiders) with a piece of wire twisted through the fabric. I bought cheap Santa Claus(!) glasses from the Halloween store and made them look cracked by etching a spider-web crack shape into one lens with an X-acto knife, and then rubbing black acrylic paint into the cracks. Easy!

Straitjackets are devices where a patient is put into an open-back jacket that has long arm sleeves and belts in the back. The patient will have his arms placed into the sleeves and his arms are then placed in a self-hugging position and buckled to the back of the jacket, along with buckles that close the back of the jacket itself. Straightjackets completely bind the patient to prevent harmful movements, and are typically only used as a temporary restraining device for psychiatric emergencies.

"Which one of you nuts has got any guts??"The brainchild of Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, Asylum Straight Jacket is not for the timid. This is their strongest blend to date, and boy, does it deliver on that promise. Rolled by hand at the El Aladino factory, Straight Jacket is the first limited edition blend from Asylum.Straight Jacket is an all-Nicaraguan puro with a smooth, chocolate-y brown wrapper. But even more impressive than the wrapper is this band. Featuring an edgy, illustrated straight jacket, it really sets the tone for the cigar. A dense, intensely flavored powerhouse that's 100% consistent from start to finish. Notes of earth, pepper, cocoa, and coffee gradually reveal themselves, but in a way that means business. In this's ok to go a little loco.Asylum Straight Jacket received a well-deserved 90-rating noting: "Packed solid with tobacco, this Churchill has a firm draw but delivers plenty of sugary sweet notes that range from malted chocolate to toasted almonds. It's balanced by notes of black pepper and oak."

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