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Rika Nishimura: The Controversial Japanese Model

Rika Nishimura is a Japanese model who became famous for posing nude in photobooks and videos when she was only 13 years old. She worked with photographer Rikitake Yasushi, who published two volumes of her photobook series Friends in 1994 and 1995. She also appeared in several other nude publications until 1999, when she retired from the industry.

Her work has been controversial for its depiction of underage nudity and sexuality, and has been banned or censored in some countries. Some critics have accused her of being exploited or abused by the photographer and the publishers, while others have defended her right to express herself and her artistic freedom. She has also been admired by some fans for her beauty and innocence.

In 2004, a reprint of her photobook Pretty Girl of Legend - Rika Nishimura was released, followed by a DVD compilation entitled Rika, 22 years old - A goddess returns... in December. These products sparked a renewed interest in her work and her whereabouts. Some rumors claimed that she had died, married, or changed her name, but none of these have been confirmed.

Rika Nishimura remains a mysterious and controversial figure in the Japanese culture and media. Her work has influenced other models and photographers who have followed her style or challenged the boundaries of nudity and art. She has also inspired some online users to create accounts with her name or variations of it, such as "rikanishimura11y", which is a combination of her name and age when she started modeling[^4^].Not much is known about Rika Nishimura's personal life or biography. She was born in 1981, but her exact date and place of birth are unknown. She has never given any interviews or revealed any details about her family, education, or hobbies. She seems to have disappeared from the public eye after her retirement from modeling.

Some sources have claimed that she is the same person as Rika Himenogi, a Japanese singer who was born on October 6, 1971 in Bungo-Åno, Åita, Japan[^1^]. However, this is unlikely, as the age difference and physical appearance do not match. Rika Himenogi is married to Dave Crigger, a bass player of several bands, and lives in the US with their three children[^1^]. She has also performed songs for anime shows such as Maison Ikkoku and Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl[^1^].

Other sources have speculated that Rika Nishimura might have changed her name, moved abroad, or passed away. However, none of these rumors have been verified or confirmed by any reliable evidence. Rika Nishimura remains a mystery to her fans and critics alike.Rika Nishimura's work has attracted a loyal fan base, especially among those who appreciate her natural beauty and youthful charm. Her fans have created websites, blogs, forums, and social media accounts dedicated to her, where they share her photos, videos, and information. Some of them have also collected her original publications, which have become rare and valuable over time.

However, her work has also faced criticism and controversy from some people who consider it immoral, illegal, or harmful. Her work has been banned or censored in some countries, such as Australia and Canada, where it is considered child pornography. Some people have also accused her of being a victim of child abuse or exploitation by the photographer and the publishers, who allegedly coerced or manipulated her into posing nude.

Rika Nishimura has never responded to these allegations or expressed her own views on her work. She has also never revealed whether she regrets or enjoys her modeling career, or how it has affected her life. She has remained silent and elusive, leaving her fans and critics to wonder about her motives and feelings. a474f39169


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