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Dr. Gero created a modified clone of Frieza as a secret special project, in his story in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors he unleashes this clone. In Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 creates numerous Clone Friezas, fast grown mindless clones of Frieza.

As the fight draws out, Gas soon blocks one of Granolah's moves, having become accustomed to his fighting. Despite Gas's confidence, he is caught off-guard when Granolah attacks with a clone. The Cerealian then creates a horde of clones to overwhelm Gas, but each would be defeated by the Heeter, who believes the act was foolish, as the clones split his power. However, he is left open for the real Granolah to deliver a devastating attack and is sent flying until he falls into the lake, forcing his siblings to rescue him. Granolah collapses to his knees, as Vegeta states his body is taking the toll for the damage of his clones. Monaito tries to help his adopted son, but Granolah orders him back because he feels the battle is not yet done.

Outside of that, Seth's name and design has other possible inspirations;their name could be a double reference to the Egyptian God of Chaos, Seth. They may have also been inspired by S.E.T.H. from the movie Universal Soldier: The Revenge. In addition to sharing the same name (S.E.T.H. stands for "Self Evolving Thought Helix"), S.E.T.H. is originally an orb shaped super computer similar to the Tanden Engine. A miniaturized version is installed in the head of a super 'Universal Soldier' thus giving it a body. After being shot in the chest, S.E.T.H.'s shirt has a round hole in it, reminiscent to the round orb in Seth's abdomen. Before being destroyed, S.E.T.H. is covered in liquid nitrogen which leaves them looking completely pale and white like Seth. Both Seth and S.E.T.H. are capable of self determination and consider themselves superior to their 25 counterparts (clones and uni-sols respectively).

Back at the front lines, the five Kage struggle to hold their own against Madara's Susanoo-clad wood clones. Despite these great odds, Ōnoki rallies them to fight, noting that they need to fulfil a task at which cannot be failed. Madara realises that Ōnoki is the problem and that he must break his will. With that, the Kage go on the offensive against Madara's clones once more. The situation soon takes a turn for the worst as Madara in turn responded with his full power by activating his final Susanoo and proceeds to using its sword to attack them. Elsewhere at the cave, Itachi commands Kabuto to put an end to the Impure World Reincarnation, during which time Sasuke states his resolve to destroy the village that made his brother suffer for so long while bidding farewell to Itachi altogether. As the lights surrounding the reincarnated shinobi begin to illuminate the battlefield as they faded into pillars of light, Itachi approaches Sasuke and uses his Sharingan to show Sasuke everything about the Uchiha Clan Downfall. With the truth revealed to Sasuke at last, Itachi then imparts his final words to his brother, stating that no matter what happens or what he does from here on out, he will love him always.

There have been creative ways to manipulate perception and create the illusion of extra fighters ever since the original Dragon Ball. After-Image Techniques and other crafty skills can give the impression of clones, but Goku actually attains this skill once he dips into the higher levels of Ultra Instinct. 59ce067264


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