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Varma Kalai Techniques 12.pdfl

Varma Kalai ( Tamil தமழ் : வர்மக்கல varmakkalai, Malayalam : വർമക്കല varmakkala, Sinhala : මරු කල maru kala, Telugu : మర్మయద్దకళ marma vidya kala, Sanskrit संस्कृतम् : मर्म वद्य marma vidya ), is a martial art and esoteric healing art originating from ancient Tamil Nadu in South India. The Indian word with meaning literally translate as "The Art of Vital Pressure Points". Adi Murai / Marma Adi, it is an advanced element of the Tamil martial arts of Kuttu varisai ( Tamil தமழ் : கத்தவரச ), Silambam and Kalaripayat.

Varma Kalai Techniques 12.pdfl

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They are 96 in numbers. All the points are not dangerous, but some points show symptoms like Padu varmam injury. Some points will reduce the number of days in life; some points causes permanent disability or diseases. Some points will cause small injury and after some time it will rearrange the sara and kalai ottam itself. For example in ancient age siddhars used Urakka kaalam for anesthesia purpose during surgery. The mathirai to be given in the point for anesthesia was according to the type of surgery. The point induces the sleep according to the mathirai level. After some time the patient will wake up normally. In martial arts the point was used for temporary loss of coordination.

Varmakalai ( the art of varmam ) is considered to be very auspicious. It is believed that Lord Siva taught this art form. Indians overwhelm by saying that all rare art forms originate with roots from God. For example, epics illustrate that Tamil and Sanskrit have their origin from the sound of the 'Oodukkai' ( musical instrument in the hand of Lord Siva ). bharata Naatiyam ( the traditional dance ) originated from Lord Siva. Kama Sutra ( the art of love and sex ) originated from Lord Siva. So it is of no surprise when it is said that varmakalai, the rare art that saves humans from diseases, also originated from Lord Siva.

The history that is said so far has been taken from epics. In reality, varmakalai might have its roots in self-defense martial arts. It is the tactics man might have learnt by observing birds and animals. In Kalari ( Defense Varmalogy ), practiced in southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala, various forms like Elephant Form, Tiger Form, Fox Form, Lion Form, Hanuman Form, and etc. are still in use.

Hence, for the growth of varmakalai, mankind's capability, thinking process and action played a dominant role. Our ancestors invented this art to help the mankind. It is our duty to preserve this rare art. 076b4e4f54


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