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The Cloud Garden ((TOP))


The Cloud Garden ((TOP))

In Cloud Gardens, you harness the healing power of nature to overgrow urban decay within wasteland dioramas.Plant seeds, repurpose hundreds of discarded objects and create unique structures for nature to reclaim.Cloud Gardens relaxing nature encourages creativity and is filled with an enormous catalogue of objects and plantlife to choose from.Share your creations with other gardeners, download looping videos of other dioramas, and embrace generative soundscapes by Amos Roddy, composer of Kingdom.Part garden simulator, part dystopian landscape builder, part puzzle game, Cloud Gardens aims to fill you with satisfaction without the frustration.

This small, two level greenhouse is set to the cool and moist conditions of a cloud rainforest, complete with waterfall. The colourful plant collection includes tree ferns, palms and other exotic plants.

The Cloud Gardens Conservatory sits on land given to the city in the 1980s when the Bay Adelaide Centre was constructed. The Conservatory was renovated in 2014 and re-opened in spring 2015 with a new climate control system and grow lights to address shading caused by newly built office towers. Improvements also include an improved misting system and a new monorail system to help maintain the mechanics and vertical wall gardens. Soil amendments and new plantings further help to simulate a Cloud Forest habitat.

Cloud Gardens hovers somewhere in between a sandbox toy and a game with challenges. Partly a gardening simulator, partly a dystopian landscape builder, and partly a puzzle game that is both satisfying and without frustration. It is a relaxing experience that takes you from one scene to the next while encouraging creativity and coming up with your own solutions.

This is a chill game where the primary goal is to delight in your own creativity. Players can download looping videos of their completed dioramas and share them with other gardeners from across the internet, and our Discord server has a lively community of gardeners.

Architect Junya Ishigami designed partitions with assorted curving shapes for the cloud-inspired interior of this nursery, located inside a high-rise in Atsugi, Japan (photos by Edmund Sumner + slideshow).

"I like to look at the clouds," explained Ishigami. "Clouds change their form at will, with a certain rationality. Moreover, they are all white and fluffy, having both a sense of unity and some consistency. And they are vast."

As the cloud shapes run both across and along the space, various apertures overlap to create framed viewpoints at different points around the interior. Some of the walls also function as screens that conceal technical equipment.

The namesake feature of the Gardens is a small greenhouse set to the cool and moist conditions of a cloud rainforest.[3] A walkway runs from the lower-level entrance to an upper-level exit by the waterfall. Cloud Gardens won Baird Sampson Architects a Governor General's Architecture Award.[3]

BackgroundThis project was carried out under the "2021 Nanshan Co-build Gardens Program" jointly initiated by Shenzhen Green Foundation, Shekou Community Foundation, and The Nature Conservancy, led by Nanshan Urban Management And Law Enforcement Bureau. Most of the gardens under the program are on the ground floor facing streets, but our site is on the roof of a 6-storey apartment in an urban village. We see three major difficulties in this project. The first, the open roof is separated from the urban traffic network, which is good for creating a relaxing space where time flows slowly like an "oasis in the city", but the isolation from the ground also makes it difficult to create a community space where people naturally gather. The second, the initial budget for the project is only enough to build a small garden of less than 150-square-meter, which is too small to be an independent space attracting the community. The third, due to the strong sunlight on the exposed roof in Shenzhen during the da


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