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These handmade gift ideas are perfect for your loved ones. Get 50 projects that are cute and easy to make! Rather than store bought, give them something personal that they would love to receive. These DIY gift ideas are great for beginning crafters.



Have a friend that doesn't go anywhere without their water? Carissa will teach you how to recycle a glass water bottle into a beautiful craft! You can use this method for etching any type of glass for gifts.

For family members (especially grandparents), photo gifts are always a winner. These thoughtful gifts showcase photos of the people and places we love, and are sure to be loved. Plus they make great decorations!

At LW Handmade Crafts & Gifts we believe you can have modern home decor that smells amazing and more importantly is AFFORDABLE!. We also pride ourselves on our handmade personalised gift sets for those on a budget but still wish to send that special message.

Our state has a long history of craftswomen and craftsmen providing beautiful and functional pieces for all to use, cherish, and enjoy. That continues today. NC Handmade provides a place for makers and patrons to meet and share their joy and appreciation for fine craftsmanship, handmade North Carolina crafts. Please browse through our store, and enjoy getting to know our local artisans.

Devote more time to crafting without worrying about joining a guild, maintaining your online presence, stocking your booth, or adding another craft fair to your busy schedule. Join a growing community of Carolina craftspeople.

Choosing meaningful gifts handcrafted by women artisans & cooperatives in Palestine enables women to generate income & sustain their households under the very challenging circumstances they live in. We work with over 30 women's cooperatives, artisans and designers whose pieces tell the story of Palestinian traditions and heritage. Often times, the stories behind the products are as beautiful as the handicrafts themselves. We are based in Ramallah, Palestine, with partners from across the country. Thank you for choosing to shop ethically and support our work!

I truly hope you find something you love! Many on this list are easy gifts to make at home; some require a little more skill (such as sewing). But most are doable for anyone.

Sharpie mugs are one of my favorite gifts to make and give. There are so many ways to customize them and decorate them in your own signature style. Filling them up with goodies is another fun addition.

This is the first time I have found so many craft ideas that are not repeats of crafts on Pinterest! All of them look wonderful and I will be making a lot of them for Christmas and birthday gifts. Thank you so much!

Hello Creative Family is the go-to resource for parents looking to ignite their creative passion with simple, everyday and back-to-basics projects. We want to inspire people to live, love and teach the handmade, homemade and heart-made lifestyle so they can raise their children in a creative home. Welcome to my creative family! Read more...

Fabulous happy birthday coloring pages in high quality PDF format to download and print at home for your kids. Including birthday cakes, party balloons, wrapped gifts, cute cats, mermaids, dragons, princesses, clowns, rainbows and more!

I remember being little and creating sweet homemade gifts to give to my friends and family. I loved sitting down to create something using nothing but a few crafts supplies, lots of time, and loads of love. Because those times were so memorable and meaningful for me, I want my children to learn all about this too! Above all, that time and love is what gift giving is all about.

This post is a life saver! My daughter and I are moving just before Christmas and will probably be in quarantine for the holidays. I suggested to her we could craft the whole time and make gifts for our family and friends this year instead. There are so many ideas here, the time will fly by!Thank you.

Kid Drawn Tote: Perfect for artists of all ages, these totes are pretty and functional. Homemade gifts that are also useful are always a plus. This homemade gift idea can also hold another gift like stocking stuffers, a gift card or another awesome gift! Via Buzzmills

T-Shirt Painting: Kids will have so much fun making this handmade gift and the results are gorgeous! This is a great craft for older kids and t-shirts always make wonderful gifts for the holiday season or for birthdays. From Kinzies Kreations

Meet Carla. She lives in a small house on a friendly street with her husband, son, cat, and assorted chickens. When she isn't busy being a Mom, you can find her writing on her blog at small & friendly about creating a handmade life, one adventure at a time. Stay connected with her on Pinterest, Facebook, or Bloglovin'.

For hundreds of years, people have exchanged knotted bracelets as symbols of friendship. Today these fair trade bracelets handmade by Mayan Hands artisan partners represent the promise of a better future for Maya families in Guatemala.

Children, from toddlers and preschoolers to teens, can make these handmade keepsake gifts. Put handprint art, footprints, photos, or artwork inside each handcrafted shell frame for one-of-a-kind homemade gift kids can make that your family will treasure!

Help the kids gather the supplies to make personalized photo necklaces or photo keychains for family and friends. Picture necklaces, pendants, and charms are easy handmade gift ideas children can make with the help of a parent or caregiver.

A pocket pet mouse is a great handmade birthday gift idea that children can make for a friend. A few other great gift ideas for a friend are no-sew Rainbow Fairy Wands, a Name Necklace, or an Alphabet Bead Necklace.

Many of the DIY gifts kids can make listed above can be made by your children and given to a teacher. However, these apple tree teacher gift ideas are apple-so-lutely perfect kid-made gift ideas for teachers!

I agree, Jenny! Fingerprint art, handprint art, and footprint art are my favorite homemade gifts from children, too! But when you craft as much as we do, you need to find other types of gift ideas that kids can make as well. Every one of the crafts that you see here has been made by my daughter and I. ?

Give Mom something to show off with this funky yet beautiful tassel necklace. The folks at Homemade Banana know that the best gifts for some moms are the things she can show off to all her friends. Let Mom steal the spotlight with this fabulous piece.

Folksy is the home of British craft - the place to buy handmade gifts and original artwork, sold directly by the artists and designers who have created them. Made with love, every purchase from Folksy supports a genuine craftsperson.

Handmade leather gifts are a great gift go-to choice when buying for him. The masculine vibe of leather, paired with functionality is a win-win! Gift him a leather valet tray to hold keys and change, a slim and modern wallet, or a stylish mason jar sleeve.

Great for ages eight and up, this Father's Day gift is two crafts in one. First, you and your kid can choose which string color you want to spell out "Dad." Then, you can clip a photo or homemade drawing to the board for a heartwarming bonus.

This lovely little DIY from All Free Papercrafts shows you how to make your own sweetest of apple spool cards from a small wooden spool and some basic craft supplies. We like how your child's teacher will unwrap the spool to reveal the message inside. You can find a range of wooden spools to decorate over on ebay inexpensively.

If you're running out of time or don't have the supplies or energy to make from scratch, how about these fun homemade gifts from independent sellers to order for that handmade touch but without having to find the making time?

Here's a quick and easy Cricut holiday idea that's perfect for last-minute gifts! You can customize an inexpensive coffee mug and fill it with yummy hot cocoa mix, snowflake marshmallows, candy, and a peppermint cookie stick. Wrap it up with a pretty ribbon, and you have a cute little present that's perfect for anyone on your list.

Check out this tutorial for a personalized leather or faux leather keychain that you can make either by hand or with a cutting machine like the Cricut. If you love making little handmade gifts with an extra personal touch, you'll love this quick and easy project.

One of the most thoughtful personalized gifts you can make is personalized stationery. It's a perfect present year-round, not just for the holiday season. Click through to this tutorial to learn how to make custom stationery with adhesive vinyl and your Cricut.

These cute Christmas tea towels are a quick and easy beginner project that make thoughtful holiday gifts. Use heat transfer vinyl for a strong and durable end result. You can even add a touch of sparkle with metallic fabric paint.

You'll love this tutorial for a Christmas-themed DIY painted doormat tutorial. Personalized doormats look fabulous and festive on your front porch or stoop, and they make amazing DIY Christmas gifts, too!

With just a few materials, you can make your own DIY leather cord organizers for organizing headphones and chargers. They're easy to personalized too, so they make great small gifts and stocking stuffers.

Do you have a tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve? If so, check out this tutorial for a personalized Christmas Eve Box with custom pajamas and slippers, all made with a Cricut! You can even add more personalized gifts, like a mug or sweet treats.

With the holidays upon us, Colorado shoppers are turning to local crafting and knitting stores for gifts, and for some, homemade presents are more than just a means to save money as historic inflation impacts this holiday season.

Some young crafters may also be motivated to make gifts and clothes as part of a growing movement to repair and reuse items and clothing. Polls show that millennials and members of Generation Z are more concerned with climate change and the environment. Buying used goods and clothes or repairing items instead of purchasing new ones can both save money and avert the environmental damage caused by mass-produced goods. 041b061a72


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