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Download Jurassic World Dominion (2022) in HD Quality with Blu-ray Player

Jurassic World HD 1080p Blu-ray Download: A Review

If you are a fan of dinosaurs, action, adventure, and sci-fi, you might want to download Jurassic World HD 1080p Blu-ray and watch it on your home theater. Jurassic World is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, which started in 1993 with Steven Spielberg's groundbreaking film based on Michael Crichton's novel. Jurassic World is set 22 years after the events of the first film, and follows a new theme park that has been built on the same island as the original Jurassic Park. However, things go wrong when a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, escapes its enclosure and goes on a rampage across the park. It is up to a former Navy SEAL, a park manager, two kids, and some friendly dinosaurs to stop it.

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In this review, we will look at the plot, the cast and characters, the visual effects and soundtrack, and the reception and legacy of Jurassic World. We will also tell you why you should download Jurassic World HD 1080p Blu-ray and enjoy this thrilling film.

The Plot of Jurassic World

The plot of Jurassic World is simple but effective. It follows the classic formula of a disaster film, where a group of people have to survive a series of dangers caused by an external force. In this case, the force is a monstrous dinosaur that has been created by genetic engineering.

The premise of Jurassic World is that a new theme park has been built on Isla Nublar, the same island where the original Jurassic Park was located. The park is owned by Simon Masrani, a billionaire who inherited the company InGen from John Hammond, the visionary behind Jurassic Park. Masrani has hired Dr. Henry Wu, the chief geneticist who worked on Jurassic Park, to create new dinosaurs for the park. One of these dinosaurs is the Indominus Rex, a hybrid of several species that is designed to be bigger, smarter, and more ferocious than any other dinosaur.

The conflict of Jurassic World begins when the Indominus Rex escapes from its enclosure and starts killing other dinosaurs and humans. The park's operations manager, Claire Dearing, enlists the help of Owen Grady, a former Navy SEAL who works as a raptor trainer at the park. Owen has a special bond with four raptors that he has raised since they were hatchlings. Together with Claire's nephews, Gray and Zach Mitchell, who are visiting the park, Owen and Claire try to evade and stop the Indominus Rex.

The resolution of Jurassic World involves a climactic showdown between the Indominus Rex and other dinosaurs at the park. Owen manages to communicate with his raptors and convince them to join his side against the Indominus Rex. They are also aided by a Tyrannosaurus Rex that has been living in isolation at the park. The T-Rex and the raptors team up to fight the Indominus Rex, while Owen, Claire, Gray, and Zach escape to safety. The Indominus Rex is eventually defeated by another dinosaur, a Mosasaurus that lives in a lagoon at the park. The Mosasaurus drags the Indominus Rex into the water and devours it.

The Cast and Characters of Jurassic World

The cast and characters of Jurassic World are one of its strengths. They are played by talented actors who bring charisma, humor, emotion, and depth to their roles.

Chris Pratt stars as Owen Grady, a former Navy SEAL who works as a raptor trainer at Jurassic World. Owen is brave, smart, witty, and compassionate. He has a strong sense of justice and morality. He cares deeply for his raptors and treats them as his friends rather than his pets. He also develops a romantic relationship with Claire Dearing throughout the film.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dearing, the operations manager of Jurassic World. Claire is ambitious, efficient, professional, and confident. She is also cold, distant, workaholic, and out of touch with her emotions. She initially sees the dinosaurs as assets rather than living creatures. She also neglects her nephews who are visiting her at the park. However, she undergoes a character arc throughout the film. She becomes more empathetic towards Owen and his raptors. She also becomes more courageous and resourceful when facing danger.

Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson play Gray and Zach Mitchell respectively. They are Claire's nephews who are visiting her at Jurassic World. Gray is younger than Zach. He is curious, and adventurous. He loves dinosaurs and knows a lot about them. He is also worried about his parents' divorce. Zach is older than Gray. He is rebellious, cynical, and bored. He is more interested in girls than dinosaurs. He is also annoyed by his brother's enthusiasm. However, he becomes more protective and supportive of Gray as they face danger together.

Irrfan Khan plays Simon Masrani, the owner of Jurassic World. Masrani is a visionary, a philanthropist, and a thrill-seeker. He inherited InGen from John Hammond and fulfilled his dream of opening a dinosaur theme park. He believes that Jurassic World is a place where people can experience wonder and joy. He also trusts Dr. Wu to create new dinosaurs for the park. However, he is unaware of Wu's secret agenda and the dangers of the Indominus Rex.

Vincent D'Onofrio plays Vic Hoskins, the head of security at Jurassic World and one of the villains of the film. Hoskins is a former military man who works for InGen's security division. He is ambitious, ruthless, and greedy. He sees the dinosaurs as weapons rather than animals. He wants to use Owen's raptors for military purposes. He also wants to capture the Indominus Rex and use its DNA for creating more hybrids.

BD Wong plays Dr. Henry Wu, the chief geneticist at Jurassic World and another villain of the film. Dr. Wu is a brilliant scientist who worked on Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. He is responsible for creating the dinosaurs for both parks, including the Indominus Rex. He is arrogant, secretive, and unethical. He does not care about the consequences of his experiments or the welfare of his creations. He works for a mysterious organization that wants to use dinosaur DNA for nefarious purposes.

Other supporting characters and cameos in Jurassic World include Jake Johnson as Lowery Cruthers, a control room operator who is a fan of the original Jurassic Park; Omar Sy as Barry Sembène, Owen's friend and fellow raptor trainer; Judy Greer as Karen Mitchell, Claire's sister and Gray and Zach's mother; Lauren Lapkus as Vivian Krill, another control room operator; Brian Tee as Katashi Hamada, a security commander; Katie McGrath as Zara Young, Claire's assistant; Andy Buckley as Scott Mitchell, Claire's brother-in-law and Gray and Zach's father; Eric Edelstein as Paddock Supervisor; Courtney James Clark as Mosasaurus Announcer; Colby Boothman as Young Raptor Handler; Jimmy Fallon as himself in a cameo appearance as a gyrosphere guide; Brad Bird as himself in a cameo appearance as a monorail announcer; Colin Trevorrow as himself in a cameo appearance as Mr. DNA; and B.D. Wong as himself in a cameo appearance as Dr. Henry Wu.

The Visual Effects and Soundtrack of Jurassic World

The visual effects and soundtrack of Jurassic World are another highlight of the film. They create an immersive and realistic experience for the viewers.

The visual effects of Jurassic World are done by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the same company that worked on the original Jurassic Park film and its sequels. The film uses a combination of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and animatronics to create realistic dinosaurs that interact with the actors and the environment. The film also pays homage to the original Jurassic Park film by recreating some of its iconic scenes, such as the arrival at the park, the T-Rex attack on the car, and the raptor chase in the kitchen.

The soundtrack of Jurassic World is composed by Michael Giacchino, who has worked on other films such as The Incredibles, Up, Star Trek, and Inside Out. The soundtrack features original themes by Giacchino that capture the mood and tone of each scene, such as suspense, action, adventure, humor, and emotion. The soundtrack also incorporates the classic theme by John Williams from the original Jurassic Park film, which evokes nostalgia and awe.

The Reception and Legacy of Jurassic World

The reception and legacy of Jurassic World are impressive. The film was a huge success both commercially and critically.

The film grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide, making it the sixth-highest-grossing film of all time at the time of its release. It also broke several box office records, such as the biggest opening weekend ever ($524 million), the fastest film to reach $1 billion (13 days), and the highest-grossing film of 2015.

the original classic, but new characters and a fresh perspective keep things lively and thrilling enough for a summer blockbuster.\" It has a 59/100 score on Metacritic based on 49 reviews, indicating \"mixed or average reviews.\" The film was praised for its action sequences, visual effects, humor, and nostalgia factor. It was criticized for its thin plot, weak characters, clichés, and lack of originality.

The film also received several awards and nominations. It won three Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie: Action/Adventure, Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure (Chris Pratt), and Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure (Bryce Dallas Howard). It also won two Hollywood Film Awards for Hollywood Blockbuster Award and Hollywood Visual Effects Award. It was nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, and Best Sound Mixing. It was also nominated for two BAFTA Awards for Best Special Visual Effects and Best Sound.

The film had a huge impact on the Jurassic Park franchise and the sci-fi genre. It revived the franchise after a 14-year hiatus and paved the way for more sequels and spin-offs. It also influenced other films that featured dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures, such as Kong: Skull Island (2017), Rampage (2018), The Meg (2018), and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019).


Jurassic World is a fun and entertaining film that pays tribute to the original Jurassic Park while offering a new adventure for modern audiences. It has a simple but effective plot, a charismatic cast and characters, impressive visual effects and soundtrack, and a remarkable reception and legacy. It is a film that appeals to both fans and newcomers of the Jurassic Park franchise. If you are looking for a thrilling and nostalgic ride, you should download Jurassic World HD 1080p Blu-ray and watch it on your home theater.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Jurassic World:

  • Q: How did they create the Indominus Rex?

  • A: The Indominus Rex was created by Dr. Henry Wu using the DNA of several dinosaurs and other animals. Some of the known ingredients are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, Therizinosaurus, Pycnonemosaurus, Quilmesaurus, Viavenator, Deinosuchus, Cuttlefish, Tree frog, and Pit viper.

  • Q: What happened to Dr. Henry Wu?

  • A: Dr. Henry Wu escaped from Jurassic World with some dinosaur embryos before the park was destroyed. He was taken by InGen's security division to a secret location where he continued his experiments. He later returned in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) as one of the main antagonists.

  • Q: Is Jurassic World connected to Jurassic Park III?

  • A: Yes, Jurassic World is connected to Jurassic Park III (2001), which was the third film in the Jurassic Park franchise. Jurassic World references some events and characters from Jurassic Park III, such as the Spinosaurus skeleton that is destroyed by the Indominus Rex, the Pteranodons that escaped from Isla Sorna at the end of Jurassic Park III, and Dr. Alan Grant's research on raptor intelligence.

  • Q: What is the name of the dinosaur that killed the Indominus Rex?

  • A: The name of the dinosaur that killed the Indominus Rex is Mosasaurus. It is a marine reptile that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. It is not technically a dinosaur but rather a mosasaur.

  • Q: Will there be another Jurassic World film?

  • A: Yes, there will be another Jurassic World film. It is called Jurassic World: Dominion and it is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2022. It will be the sixth film in the Jurassic Park franchise and the third film in the Jurassic World trilogy. It will feature the return of several characters from previous films, such as Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon), Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong), Zia Rodriguez (Daniella Pineda), Franklin Webb (Justice Smith), Barry Sembène (Omar Sy), Lowery Cruthers (Jake Johnson), Vivian Krill (Lauren Lapkus), Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell), Iris Carroll (Geraldine Chaplin), Eli Mills (Rafe Spall), Gunnar Eversol (Toby Jones), Ken Wheatley (Ted Levine), Blue (CGI), Rexy/Roberta (CGI), Mosasaurus (CGI), among others.


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