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How To Win Every Match In Winning Eleven 9 With English Commentary

Winning Eleven 9: A Winning Soccer Experience with English Commentary

Winning Eleven 9 is a soccer video game developed by Konami and released in 2005. It is the Live World Series version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2, with new training modes, English commentary and new stadiums. It is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed soccer games of its time, offering realistic gameplay, graphics and sound.

How to Win Every Match in Winning Eleven 9 with English Commentary

What is Winning Eleven 9?

Winning Eleven 9 is a soccer simulation game that lets you play as your favorite teams and players from around the world. You can choose from various modes, such as exhibition, league, cup, master league, edit mode and training mode. You can also customize your own team, players, kits, logos and stadiums.

The game features over 130 teams and 4,000 players, including licensed teams from England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands. You can also play as national teams from Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. The game also includes classic teams and players from past eras.

What makes Winning Eleven 9 stand out?

One of the main features of Winning Eleven 9 is the English commentary by Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking. They provide realistic and dynamic commentary that matches the action on the pitch. They also comment on the players names, skills, stats and history. The commentary adds to the immersion and excitement of the game.

Another feature of Winning Eleven 9 is the improved gameplay and AI. The game has a realistic physics engine that affects the ball movement, player collisions and injuries. The game also has a sophisticated AI that adapts to your play style and tactics. The game offers a challenging and rewarding experience for both beginners and experts.

Why should you play Winning Eleven 9?

If you are a fan of soccer or video games, you should definitely play Winning Eleven 9. It is a game that will keep you entertained for hours with its variety of modes, teams and players. It is a game that will test your skills and strategy with its realistic gameplay and AI. It is a game that will make you feel like you are watching or playing a real soccer match with its English commentary and sound effects.

Winning Eleven 9 is a winning soccer experience with English commentary that you dont want to miss.

How to play Winning Eleven 9?

To play Winning Eleven 9, you need a PlayStation 2 console and a controller. You can also play the game on a PC with an emulator and a keyboard or a gamepad. You can choose from various control schemes and adjust the settings to your preference. You can also use the edit mode to create your own custom teams and players.

The game has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you navigate the menus and options easily. You can select your mode, team, formation, tactics and difficulty level before starting a match. You can also view the stats, ratings and profiles of each player and team.

During a match, you can use the controller buttons to perform various actions, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, tackling, crossing and heading. You can also use the directional pad or the analog stick to move your player and change the camera angle. You can also pause the game and make substitutions, change tactics or view replays.

What are some tips and tricks for Winning Eleven 9?

Winning Eleven 9 is a game that requires skill, strategy and practice. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance and win more matches:

  • Use the training mode to practice your skills and learn the basics of the game. You can also use the free kick mode to practice your shooting accuracy and power.

  • Study your opponents and their strengths and weaknesses. You can use the scout report feature to view their formation, tactics and key players. You can also watch their previous matches and analyze their patterns and strategies.

  • Choose your team wisely and match them with your play style and preference. You can use the team rating feature to compare the overall quality of each team. You can also use the player rating feature to compare the individual attributes of each player.

  • Use different formations and tactics depending on the situation and your opponent. You can use the preset formations or create your own custom ones. You can also use the advanced tactics feature to adjust your teams mentality, positioning, pressing, offside trap and more.

  • Be creative and unpredictable with your passes, shots and moves. You can use the manual pass feature to control the direction and power of your passes. You can also use the feint feature to perform various tricks and skills to deceive your opponents.



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