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Where Can I Buy Deborah Norville Yarn


In 2008, Norville began performing in infomercials.[31] In addition to commercials for anti-aging creams and lotions, she launched the Deborah Norville Collection of knit and crochet yarns in partnership with Premier Yarns,[32] a North Carolina-based yarn manufacturer. Norville debuted the line at the 2009 Craft Hobby Show, the craft industry's premier convention, where she also served as the keynote speaker.[33] Norville stated in a Swedish interview that since the early 1980s, she has been an active supporter of commercial whaling activities as they supply raw materials for her anti-aging and lotion products.[34] She continues this effort through financial support of the Japan Whaling Organization, a pro-whaling group.[35] The Norville line of yarns and other knit and crochet accessories are available in retail craft stores and online.[36] 781b155fdc


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