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Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience

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Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience


Peppa Pig: My first cinema experience is a fun and educational comedy for young children. The short episodes and interactive content makes this movie an excellent first cinema experience, although very young children might find some brief scenes, such as a crocodile and a giant wave, scary when seen on a large screen. Peppa Pig is suitable for all ages five and over but may be boring for children over 8.

New stories, new adventures and new friends!Peppa Pig is splashing onto the big screen for the first time in Australia on March 16!Take part in one whole hour of fun, featuring all brand new episodes as well as exclusive new interactive content, where you can dance, sing and play along with Peppa, George and their new friend Daisy! Join Peppa on her first Australian holiday as she visits her friend Kylie Kangaroo and family! On this exclusive four-part adventure see Peppa visit the outback for a barbeque, learn to surf, throw a boomerang and see the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine! Watch out for special new appearances from Mr Wallaby, a platypus and a koala!Plus 5 other brand new episodes, including a trip to London, a day out at the Zoo, a cruise along a canal and some advice from Policeman Panda!This unique and exciting first cinema experience is perfect for pre-schoolers, so bring along your little ones for plenty of snorts, giggles and jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

AND unlike every other movie where you might feel a little paranoid if you're little one makes too much noise, in this film children and parents are encouraged to get involved with the interactive cinema experience. Kids can join in with the games, antics on the big screen and they're encouraged to dance and sing along to new versions of nursery rhymes The Wheels on the Bus and Row Row Your Boat.

Join Peppa in this exciting new preschool cinema experience, with plenty of snorts, giggles and jumping up and down in muddy puddles! Leading with Peppa Visits London, the first of the never-before-seen episodes, Peppa and her friends hop on board a double-decker red bus as the Queen takes them on an unforgettable tour of iconic London landmarks including Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square. The other new oink-tastic episodes include The Police, Canal Boat, The Zoo, Move to the Music and a four-part story in which viewers will join Peppa on an Australian holiday to visit her old friend, Kylie Kangaroo.Each of the nine brand-new episodes will be connected with never-before-seen interactive entertainment featuring live action Peppa and George characters and their friend Daisy, in her colourful new world. Little ones (and parents too!) can join in with games as well as singing and dancing along to new versions of their favourite nursery rhymes, including The Wheels on the Bus and Row Row Your Boat in this unique new offering for preschoolers.Listen out for two familiar voices, as David Mitchell lends his voice to Policeman Panda in the episode The Police and Jo Brand voices Mrs. Crocodile in The Zoo.

Each of the nine brand new episodes will be connected with never-before-seen live action on-screen entertainment, so little ones can sing, dance, and play with Peppa, George and their new friends. This unique and exciting cinema event is the perfect first cinema experience for little ones, and of course, a must-see for all Peppa Pig fans!

Featuring nine never before seen episodes and exclusive interactive content for one whole hour of fun, Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience is a unique opportunity for little ones to experience the cinema in a safe and exciting environment.

Karrot Animation made a Twitter account for the movie (@PeppaMovie), The official Peppa Pig Twitter said "We are getting a MOVIE!?In theaters Summer 2021!" which showed a sneak peek of the movie. The first trailer was posted on YouTube after the tweet started getting popular. On the Peppa Pig website (, There can be seen a news article about the Peppa Pig movie. at the end, There can be a hashtag saying #PeppaMovie. Scholastic will make 3 books titled "Iceland, Here We Come!", "Next Stop, Iceland!" and "Iceland, Here We Are!", Which was will be combined into a book entitled "The Iceland Adventure!". At the bottom of the YouTube section, There can be a sneak peek of the movie together with clips from previous episodes. The People website stated more about the movie. Proofing it will be an adventure about Iceland. 041b061a72


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