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VA Monte Carlo Nights New Classics Vol 6 2013torrent

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Monte Carlo Nights: New Classics Vol. 6 - A Review

Monte Carlo Nights: New Classics Vol. 6 is a compilation album released in 2013 by EMI. It features 18 tracks of covers and remixes of popular songs from various genres and eras, performed by artists such as Banda Do Sul, Solal, Ray Barreto, Mario Biondi, Berk & The Virtual Band, Freedom Dub, Diana Ross, Dolapdere Big Gang, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, and more.

The album is part of the New Classics series, which showcases contemporary interpretations of classic songs that are often played on the Italian radio station Radio Monte Carlo. The series aims to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for listeners who enjoy music with a touch of jazz, soul, lounge, and bossa nova.

The album offers a diverse and eclectic selection of songs that range from rock anthems like Sweet Child O' Mine and Stairway to Heaven, to disco hits like Dancing Queen and Born to Be Alive, to soulful ballads like I Want You and The Look of Love. Some of the highlights include:

Banda Do Sul feat. Natascha's rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine, which transforms the Guns N' Roses hard rock classic into a smooth and sensual bossa nova groove.

Solal feat. Melanie Cannon's version of Dancing Queen, which gives the ABBA disco staple a jazzy and funky twist.

Ray Barreto's cover of Pastime Paradise, which infuses the Stevie Wonder social commentary song with a Latin jazz flavor.

Mario Biondi's Rio de Janeiro Blue (In The Invisible Club Mix), which adds a touch of electronic beats to the Italian singer's soulful voice.

Berk & The Virtual Band's remake of Billie Jean, which turns the Michael Jackson pop icon into a lounge-friendly chillout track.

Freedom Dub's remix of Sympathy for the Devil (Pleased Remix), which blends the Rolling Stones rock legend with a reggae vibe.

Diana Ross's I Want You, which showcases the Motown diva's sultry vocals over a smooth R&B backdrop.

Dolapdere Big Gang's Can't Take My Eyes of You, which mixes the Frankie Valli romantic classic with a Turkish folk sound.

Corinne Bailey Rae's Venus as a Boy, which pays tribute to the BjÃrk original with a delicate and dreamy acoustic arrangement.

Sarah Vaughan's Fever (Adam Freeland Extended Remix), which spices up the Peggy Lee jazz standard with a breakbeat rhythm.

Nina Simone's The Look of Love (Madison Park vs. Lenny B Mix), which updates the Burt Bacharach pop classic with a house beat.

Monte Carlo Nights: New Classics Vol. 6 is a great album for fans of music that blends old and new, classic and modern, familiar and fresh. It is an album that can be enjoyed in different settings and moods, whether it is for relaxing at home, driving in the car, or partying with friends. It is an album that celebrates the timeless appeal of music that transcends genres and generations.The album has received positive reviews from critics and listeners who praised its quality and variety. Some of the comments include:

"This is a great compilation of covers and remixes that are very well done and enjoyable. The songs are familiar but have a new twist that makes them fresh and interesting. The album has a nice flow and a good balance of upbeat and mellow tracks. It is perfect for relaxing or having a good time with friends." customer review[^3^]

"This is one of my favorite albums from the New Classics series. It has some of the best songs and artists that I love. The covers are respectful and creative, and the remixes are tasteful and catchy. The album has a classy and elegant vibe that suits the Radio Monte Carlo style. It is a must-have for music lovers."

AllMusic user review[^1^]

"This is a brilliant compilation of songs that are beautifully arranged and performed. The songs are timeless and universal, but have a modern and sophisticated touch that makes them appealing to a wide audience. The album has a smooth and relaxing atmosphere that transports you to a different place. It is a wonderful musical experience


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