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Minecraft 1.2.5 Single Player Command Mod Download

Single Player Commands for PlayerAPI is a mod in which adds a single player command into this PlayerAPI. If you install this patch, the SPC gains basic compatibility to every mods that depend on the PlayerAPI mod.

Minecraft 1.2.5 Single Player Command Mod Download

Mixer is part of the 1.2.5 beta on Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One (later this week). When the update launches fully, later this year, we'll be bringing these Mixer features to more Minecraft platforms. A separate mod for Java players will be coming later this year as well.

Single Player Commands tool is much needed tool for almost every Minecraft fan. Single player commands tool brings liberty to play with many options and you can test your game alone rather playing on Lan.

[!] Randomly when I am playing my Single Player Survival Mode the game glitches and locks up. I have re-downloaded MC and I have the latest update to java. The issue is, when I log back into MC (which I have no problem doing) my world is gone. This has happened to me twice now. All of the data that was in use was erased so my world disappeared from my world list and files are missing in my .minecraft/saves folder even though my worlds still are listed. The first occurrence was when I was chopping a tree I got a green screen and my computer locked up. The second occurrence was when I was opening a double chest and I got a grey screen and my computer locked up. Both times after I had to restart my computer my world files were erased. I have updated to 1.2.5 and have no issue logging into minecraft. I have no idea how to recreate the event since a crash log wasn't generated nor was there any specific instance where the error occurred because due to a specific trigger.:* Backup your Worlds them Delete your .minecraft Folder. Install Again -- Gstomi1

[!] Sometimes, when joining a multiplayer server, only a few chunks will load, and ALL MOBS AND PLAYERS are stuck on your screen. You will get a "Read timed out" error. If you quit minecraft, you have to WAIT A MINUTE before minecraft works again --Blackbird626 12:41, 13 July 2012 (UTC)

[!!] When I attempt to mine gravel with an efficiency 5, Fortune 5, unbreaking 5 diamond pickaxe, the game crashes. This is in singleplayer survival. I reopened Minecraft went into another creative world and enchanted a diamond pickaxe, among other diamond tools (all low-level enchantments), and couldn't reproduce the crash there with any of the tools. But I can reproduce it back in my survival world. (Add: I've got the same problem, all enchanted swords will crash the game if you try to kill a mob with it. A blank sword works fine.)

[!!] [?] When running minecraft (even without a .minecraft), once update commences, it freezes randomly while downloading a file(at 38, 50, or something else) and completely stops doing anything. Win 7 64 bit. Then, after a few minutes, it gives me: Fatal Error Occurred(4): Connection Reset Retrieving: minecraft.jar 50% @ 665.27 KB/sec

[X] [MP] Labeled as Fixed on the 1.2.4 bugs page, still exists for me: After executing a command in the chat box, Minecraft will not exit the entry box thus the player is stuck in talking mode. Entering another command or text will, on a few occasions, give the opportunity to exit text mode. In most cases anyway, it will write another line beginning with a slash. This deprives the player from using command such as /tpa, /home or faction related command. This did not occur before 1.2.4.

[X] When you're pressing F5 to toogle between a mode and suffocate with your head not feet, you land back in normal mode (only tested on singleplayer).Works in Creative and Survival (Hardcore not tested)--kivifreak 17 July 2012

[A] [MP] when playing in multiplayer sometimes when I log out and log back in to a server I will be spawned on top of where I was. for example: if I am mining and i logout in the mine, when I log back in i will be on top of the mine in the open world. it will just mess up my Y coordinates and put me up on the main land of exactly where i was. once, i was in the nether and i logged out, then when i logged back in i was on top of the nether. (bedrock) and had to teleport back in. PLEASE FIX.i am on a windows 7 OS, i5 processor and 6 gigs of ram. i have a 64 bit of windows but i think i am on a 32 bit java. (for some reason minecraft wont recognize my 64 bit version installed. yes i have only had the 64 bit on but it still wont work, so i am stuck on a 32 bit java)

[A] I died in a multiplayer server by "magic" from eating bad pork, and now when I go back in I try talking but does not show up in chat log, same with commands. I can't pickup my dropped items, and when I relog I die by magic. Tried restarting minecraft as well as computer with no results.

[A!] Signs, chests, as well as my character's hand flashes between shades depending on what angle I veiw them at. This first started when I installed the beta pre-release of 1.8, as it is now 1.2.5 this has become a major annoyance. It seems that this lighting glitch is somewhat common amongst players that have Intel graphics cards.

[!] If a mob hits you while in a boat, sometimes it will do severe damage or kill you. This happened to me in my singleplayer world when a squid was in 1-block-deep water and I traveled over him in a boat. It was also captured on video (multiplayer) here (@ 20:04) with wolves (the wolves were following the player and they teleported when the player got too far away). I think it happens when the mobs come up from below you. Both SSP and SMP affected. --Arcooke 02:02, 5 May 2012 (UTC)

[X] [Cr] Sometimes when a minecart carrying a mob is traveling on a track it may get stuck on buttons or powered track. They do not decelerate as they would normally on an unpowered track but rather just stop. This has happened only rarely and only on creative with lots of redstone wireing around. I have found this with all the mobs I have tested but not with the player. I have not found this problem with spirals or corners more than other places and the stuck minecraft could be pushed again after a few tries as it repels the player but with persistence it can be done.

[X] Redstone repeaters placed on top of blocks can, under some (as yet not clearly defined) circumstances, create a physics glitch which causes a player walking on top to fall *into* the block. Suffocation and death can result. (Found on single-player survival mode.)

[X] Redstone torch burns out on multiplayer (only survival tested). Redstone circuits which should generate a stable clock pulse normally rely on NOT gates. NOT gates burn out the redstone torch. Replacing the torch will not help, as it will burn out immediately on the next switch. This happens only on multiplayer. Circuits in single/creative are fine. No mods installed. The bug is trivial to recreate, try any of the clock generators that rely on a NOT gate (all of them), observe for about 20 seconds, the circuit will stop working. --Siebren 08:20, 5 April 2012 (UTC)

[X] In 1.2.5, if a hole is dug 2 blocks deep with lava placed inside and a piston is placed at ground level in the on position with a block covering the hole, as soon as the player turns off the piston by walking over a pressure plate, falls in the hole and has the piston turn back on, the player will be able to see hidden lava caves in the ground or redstone circuits near-by. This glitch only works with lava, otherwise a block-like texture just covers up the screen making the player unable to see hidden passages. The player may be stuck if this is done in survival, but may fly out of the hole in creative.

[X] [MP] When you take a screenshot and open chat in multiplayer, then click the screenshot name, Minecraft treats it as a link. Pressing Yes in the dialog that follows, will cause your web browser to open the link, without any http://, https://, file:/// or any other prefixes. Only applies to multiplayer, since singleplayer can't open chat. Screenshot-- Bilde2910

[X] When entering the Inventory, the Player's head seems to go into a "Seizure" state, flickering back and forth between positions. Most likely because the player's head is pointing in the direction the were last facing AND looking at the cursor at the same time! This not only looks weird, but can be extremely annoying to some people. (bunnyman14 on minecraft forums)

[A] When a dispenser armed with a lot of fire charges is connected to a rapid pulser, the fire charges may become stuck in mid air. They do not dissapear when the player moves away, nor when minecraft is restarted.

[!] [U] When logging in everything seems fine but when you start to play a lot of things start to flash: NPC's, mobs, water, things like chest furnace's etc., your inventory, everything further than rendering distance small and your player. I tried redownloading mine craft, create new worlds and playing in browser but nothing worked! FYI: Al these problems only occurred in the last update and in both single an multiplayer.

[A!] In single player survival mode, some structures vanish after logging out/quitting, however the any items the player has remains in their inventory. This has happened several times to me, where I have built a house etc. and then logged back in to find it has disappeared. Unusually some structures have survived in some worlds of mine but others have been completely removed in others. I have no mods installed and same effect happens no matter the texture pack (including default).

[A] [Cr] It is not possible to throw an ender pearl by right clicking in creative singleplayer and multiplayer. Given how fun teleporting can be and how there would be no repercussions in creative, it is sorely missed.

[X] [MP] When you take a screenshot and open chat in multiplayer, then click the screenshot name, Minecraft treats it as a link. Pressing Yes in the dialog that follows, will cause your web browser to open the link, without any http://, https://, file:/// or any other prefixes. Only applies to multiplayer, since singleplayer can't open chat. Screenshot --Bilde2910 20:23, 21 July 2012 (UTC) 350c69d7ab


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