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Buy Sprite Major 6 Caravan

The brand consolidation has led to some Swift-owned names being retired (Sterling caravans, for example), but it is testimony to the heritage and success of Sprite that it has survived, albeit as Swift Sprite.

buy sprite major 6 caravan


One feature included in the list of factory-fit options is ATC trailer stability control (yours for 349) and, as this is a long (more than seven metres) and relatively heavy single-axle caravan, you may want to consider that for added peace of mind.

The nights are drawing in and the weather is cooling; whether you're a winter caravanner or put your vehicle into storage for winter, there are a few essential items available to help you get prepared and protect your investment. With this is mind, we put together a selection of our Winter Care products.

If you're about to embrak on a caravan or motorhome DIY project and are in need of some supplies to help the job along, check out our Tools and Consumables category first. While your thinkg DIY, we'd like to remind you that our purpose built, 8 bay workshop is ready to help you resolve any issues you may have. Give us a call if we can help and to book your next carvan service.

It comes as no surprise that many caravan and motorhome owners are also pet owners. Homestead Caravans is a pet friendly company - we offer pet friendly holidays at our Homestead Lake Touring Park and pets are permitted into our Accessory Superstore. Check out our brand new range of pet accessories in-store or online including exclusive products from the official Crufts range, all at very affordable prices.

A really useful exercise you can do with the whole family is to create a list of key features and specifications you'd most like your new caravan to have. Opening a portal of communication between all family members is a great way to make the buying process inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, especially if you have older children.

At this point it may be worth mentioning Blackhorse finance. Blackhorse have several finance options that allow you to comfortably increase your budget including, 'Personal Contract Plan'. Blackhorse Personal Contract Plan allows you to defer a final amount from the balance, resulting in lower monthly payments giving you the facility to buy the caravan you want for your family without compromise.

There is no written rule that says, a family has to buy a caravan where the number of berths are equal to the number of occupants. No, there are other factors to take into consideration, most notably the layout of the caravan.

No doubt there will be other (some more heart based and inspiring for all family members) things you want to consider, such as where you are planning to mainly use your caravan. You may decide to visit caravan parks that offer basic services, with minimum facilities. If so, it might be a good idea to tailor your purchase to include caravans with LED lighting and perhaps the option of a solar fitted panel.

For most couples the additional costs involved in raising a family can be challenging. A fact not lost on the original Sprite company some 60 years ago, when they began production of the worlds first lightweight affordable caravan that could be towed by the average family saloon.

All 2017 Sprite caravans are built with enhanced SMART Plus Intelligent Design Construction technology. SMART Plus has raised the bar in caravan construction industry wide, making Sprite caravans more durable than most competitors despite its competitive price tag.

The sales team at Homestead Caravans are BIG fans of this years Sprite Major 6 TD SR. Apart from being an award winning single axle caravan, the 6-berth Sprite Major 6 TD has all the ingredients necessary to make it the perfect family caravan in 2017. Here are some of our favourite 'family friendly' features:

A must have for any growing family, especially if you have older kids. The 2017 Sprite Major 6 TD SR with its clever design, boasts a large washroom with separate shower, which makes it possible for two people to get ready at a time, in privacy if needed. In our opinion, it's not a family caravan if the washroom doesn't have a separate shower.

The rear fixed bunk beds and dinette area is ideal for families giving the children their own area that can be partitioned off from the rest of the caravan. With the extra bunk bed that can be erected above the dinette, this area can sleep up to four. To save time setting up the beds each night, you have the option of leaving them permanently made up.

*Caravan insurance cost based on Sprite Major 6, 14,374. Fitted with hitchlock and wheel clamp. Kept on drive at HX4 0BE. Caravanners over 30 years old, claim free for 3 years and a member of a caravanning club. Quote includes 10% online discount and 6% Insurance Premium Tax and is correct as of 19.06.12.

I also purchased a Sprite major 6 TD in July 2013 took it back to the dealers in july 2014 for its first service and very disturbed to hear that on the off side by the toilet there is 20% damp.This is not good as it is stored in doors and has only been used for 20 days since purchase . so all the other time it has been stored in doors.

I have owned the new 2012 Sprite M6, for around 3 months now, took a bit of getting used to the length, as my old Bailey van was 10ft shorter, would advise having an ATC fitted, as 24ft on a single axle can be a bit unsteady, make sure your weights, and tyre pressure are correct, however very pleased overall with the van, have had a few problems within this time, the minor ones, speaker grill inside was rusty, lock barrels breaking, thou have been replaced foc as you would expect. However two major ones in my opinion, front window is going to be replaced as fracture cracks have formed along the whole of the bottom edge, this has stemed from the screws in the window levers been done to tight during manufacturer, another recent problem fridge light got stuck on resulting in internal lense melting and fridge not getting cold, have disconnected this while waiting whole fridge replacement under warrenty. Storage great, beds great, looks great, overal very pleased with purchase. comments and questions welcome

The fixed bed Ripple Mattress Protector is perfect for adding luxury to your touring Swift Sprite . This product is at the top of our mattress cover range available in special sizes to fit your caravan. Filled with 500 grams of soft cotton layers, makes this mattress protector pure luxury. It has a Ripple stitching design, which also ensures the filling stays evenly placed.

Our super deluxe quilted mattress cover has been made to the highest standards, specially made to fit your touring Swift Sterling Elite caravan with fully elasticated sides and a quilted construction to keep filling evenly in placed after many washes.

Our luxury quilted waterproof mattress cover has been made to the highest standards, specially made to fit your touring Swift Caravan fixed Bed with fully elasticated sides and a quilted construction to keep filling evenly in placed after many washes.with its waterproof backing, its sure to keep to your caravan mattress in great condition.

The Sprite Major 6 TD is a great family caravan. The kids love the rear bunks and have plenty of space at the rear of the caravan. A good sized side washroom with a separate shower meets all of the needs of all the family. The kitchen has a full cooker and fridge freezer, leads on to the parallel front lounge that can accommodate all the family.

View our caravans for hire from our depot in Norfolk UK. Please consider how many berths you need, if you would like to add any extras such as the TV Multimedia pack, and what your car can tow. Simply request availability for your chosen dates, if you need any advice call one of our advisors on 01362 696434.

The hirer must notify their own insurance company that they are hiring a caravan. Their policy must include a minimum of third party cover to tow a hire caravan. We must see written proof of this cover. No caravans will be dispatched without this. It is also advised that any breakdown cover a hirer may have on their vehicle be extended to include a caravan.

The Sprite Major 6 2016 was manufactured by Sprite in 2016. This caravan is a 6 berth version sleeping a maximum of 6 persons inside the caravan. With an awning more people can be accommodated outside.

The kerbweight of the towing car needs to be at least 1688.23529412kgs to achive an 85% match, to achive a 95% match the tow car would need to be at least 1510.52631579 kgs. A tow car weighing less than 1435 kgs is very likely to be illegal and likely to result in a prosecution if you were stopped by the Police as well as invalidating any insurance for your car and caravan.

Awnings are a popular choice, its important that you buy an awning that's the right size for your caravan. Our information shows that the awning size needs to be TBA cm's. Please check this with your caravan manual before buying as this number may not be accurate.

There are a range of 12v leisure batteries that are suitable for this Sprite caravan. The size of the battery you need will be dependent on your use. For example if you have a motor mover or your caravan or tend to use your caravan where there is no on site electrics then a 120 amp hour battery is advisable. If you mainly, use sites with electrical supplies and dont use a motor mover then a smaller battery e.g. 75amp/h may be suffice. [More about caravan batteries]

Whilst it is true that most car insurance policies will cover the caravan on a third party liability basis (check with your insurer) whilst its is being towed by the car. It is well worth getting caravan insurance to cover any damage caused when its not attached to the car, theft and other damage to the caravan. Shopping around for caravan insurance for the Sprite Major 6 2016 is well worth while to ensure you get the cover you want for the best price.

If you plan to store your caravan outside it will be open to the elements all the times including wind, rain, snow and hot sun. A caravan cover can help protect your caravan from the damage that the weather can do to a caravan over time. The Sprite Major 6 2016 is 7.24 m (23.7472 feet) long and this is often the information needed when buying a caravan cover 041b061a72


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