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Fashion Police

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Fashion Police

Fashion Police is an American television series that premiered on September 10, 2010, on E!. It was originally hosted by Joan Rivers and featured panelists George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic, and Kelly Osbourne commenting on celebrity fashions.

In 2010, the series returned[vague] to E! with the program running the day after events, rather than airing live from the red carpet. The series became a weekly program on September 10, 2010, where they continued to discuss the dos and don'ts of celebrity fashion. The show started as a half-hour program but expanded to one hour on March 9, 2012.

Rivers died on September 4, 2014;[2] two weeks later, it was announced that the series would continue without her.[3] On December 1, 2014, E! announced that comedian Kathy Griffin would replace Rivers as host starting in January 2015. She was joined by celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski, who replaced panelist George Kotsiopoulos.[4][5] Griffin's debut episode, following the 2015 Golden Globes, was watched by 912,000 viewers.[6] The episode following the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards, on January 26, 2015, was watched by 686,000 viewers.[7]

Calling all officers! I've got a Fashion Crime in Progress and I'm mobilizing all Fashion Police Squad members. Grab your Belt of Justice and your Tailormade Sewing Machine, we've got some Fashion Justice to dispense!Fashion Police Squad is a humorous Retro FPS where you fight against fashion crime using attire-enhancing weaponry. Clean the streets of socks in sandals as Sergeant Des, and experience a single-player story full of fabulous characters, dazzling encounters, and fierce runway shows!- Pit yourself against all kinds of Fashion Crimes, from saggy pants to neon brights- Utilize a specialized weapons arsenal, including weaponized Sock Gnomes- Jump, climb and swing your way around Trendopolis to uncover its secrets- Fight against the biggest, baddest bosses in the fashion industry- Solve the mystery of the resurgence of Fashion Crime and take out the villains at the topEach fashion crime has a fashion solution, and you'll need to choose between your weapons carefully to fix each fashion faux pas! Each enemy needs something, be it a splash of color or all the seams taken in, so you'll need to switch to and use the right weapons for the right situations! Picking the wrong weapon will do nothing to your enemies, so time to choose wisely!

From 1995 until her unexpected death in 2014 at age 81, Rivers entertained her fans affectionately called the "Joan Rangers" as host of the show that made punchlines out of celebrity fashion faux pas.

In Fashion Police Squad, you assume the role of Sargent Des, whose very important duty is to clear the streets of heinous clothing crimes. If Des sees you coming his way in a pair of socks with sandals, an ill-fitting suit or some other utterly drab get-up, well, you're getting both barrels of his fashion gun, sunshine, as he blasts your sartorial sins right off your body, replacing them with swanky new threads. Soon you'll look absolutely divine, darling, with truly stunning stitchwork on a cute power suit.

Fashion Police Squad is a fun indie romp that does some clever, colourful things with the often rather samey DOOM clone genre. It's bright and breezy stuff, chock-full of very silly humour and, bonus points, you get to slap people in their faces with a Belt of Justice whilst shooting actual fashion onto their badly-dressed bodies. If you're looking for a few hours of knockabout retro FPS fun with its own unique style and take on the usual shooter mechanics, you could do a lot worse than bagging this stylish bargain. It's simply fabulous, darling!

Airing on weekly on E! Entertainment Television, Fashion Police featured hosts Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and George Kotsiopoulos commenting on celebrity fashions. With its debut episode airing on September 10th, 2010, Fashion Police became the #1 show on E!

We often wonder if the minds behind the original DOOM knew what the game they were creating would lead to. It's one of the most iconic games ever, but 30 years later we're swapping out demons for a scarier threat... bad fashion sense. Fashion Police Squad takes the classic "boomer shooter" formula and splices it with a ton of personality to make an endearing new entry in the genre.

You assume the role of Sergeant Des of the Fashion Police Squad, an elite operation focused on tackling crimes such as socks with sandals, or drab, unappealing business suits. Over the four-hour campaign, you'll be chasing down a lead to get to the bottom of the fashion crime wave that's been plaguing the city. As you might expect, the game doesn't take itself too seriously. All the references and visual gags are well-placed throughout the adventure without relying solely on that type of humour.

I've played a lot of shooters in my days, but I definitely haven't seen anything quite like Fashion Police Squad. Trading the typical blood and gore, ultra gritty and dark themes we see in many shooters nowadays for a self-aware, flashy and downright goofy tone, Fashion Police Squad makes a big impression. As a member of the eponymous Fashion Police Squad (or FPS for short -- pretty witty, right), Sergeant Des is tasked with solving various fashion crimes with a toolkit of remarkably useful, non-lethal weapons.

This is a game that certainly resembles old school boomer shooters like Doom or more recently, Dusk, but emulates this style of gameplay with its own flair. You'll travel from level to level taking out various "fashion criminals," which are folks wearing all manner of absurd and horrendously ugly outfits. Unlike a lot of other shooters, your arsenal is fairly limited, which is by design and actually works well. You see, each enemy in Fashion Police Squad has one or two weapons to counter them, but if you use the wrong weapon, it'll have no effect. Often, the switching of weapons in boomer shooters are crucial to conserve ammo, requiring on-the-fly thinking. While there's no ammo in this game, you're still forced to switch around and pick the right counter to enemies. This creates some frantic and fast-paced battles that honestly feel as exciting as Doom 2016 and its sequel.

The tools of your trade are, in concept, amazingly creative, ranging from a shotgun that shoots dye, to a needle-launching sewing gun. Heck, there's even an endless supply of sock-stealing gnomes you can chuck at individuals wearing socks and sandals. As I mentioned, though, this is a non-lethal arsenal. You're not blowing enemies to bits here; rather, you're correcting horrendous fashion mistakes in a totally non-serious and funny way.

There's also a few special combat encounters that up the ante and add a lot of fun to Fashion Police Squad, brief though these segments may be. At one point, I took to the rooftops and sniped criminals making their way to a televised fashion show, fixing up their wardrobe, messy hair, and the like. Another instance put me in the seat of a machine gun turret, blasting fashion criminals in a high-speed chase. A few wildly creative boss battles are found throughout, requiring you to make full use of the game's mechanics and adding a few twists in the mix as well.

Complementing the graphics is a super funky, retro soundtrack. It wouldn't be out of place coming from the speakers of an arcade machine, nor would the slightly distorted, intentionally low-quality voices of your enemies. There's also an announcer that yells out various fashionable words when you defeat a fashion criminal, definitely adding to that overall arcade-retro feel.

This is a game that definitely places a much larger emphasis on story than other shoots of this caliber. While there are some witty and punny moments filled with fashion and clothing-oriented phrases, the story often breaks up the flow of combat. Seemingly after every encounter are some lines of dialogue from Des and his partner, or various other characters in the story. Every time these bouts of dialogue come about, it stops you in place and doesn't allow you to move. While many later combat encounters are hectic and action-packed, the dialogue just siphons all that adrenaline out of my system instantly.

Trendcity is on the brink of disaster. Fashion crimes like ill fitting suits, flashy outfits, and the dreaded socks with sandals litter the streets. What starts as a normal patrol for Fashion Police Squad officers Des and Haley quickly turns into a conspiracy involving fashion designers and mysterious men in coats. Using his arsenal of fashionista weaponry, Des needs to solve this mystery before even the most fashionable citizens are infected.

Fashion Police Squad is a first person shooter, or more precisely a Doom clone as they were called when the genre was in its infancy. FPS makes no effort to hide its inspiration, even going so far as to include a Wolfenstein 3D parody for good measure. The game is level based, taking place in 3D environments with characters and enemies rendered in 2D sprites. Each enemy is guilty of a specific fashion crime, like drab outfits or saggy pants, and you need to fix them using the correct weapon. Drab colors need your paint shotgun, loose or tight clothes need to be shrunk with a water cannon or altered with some starch and sewing, and socks with sandals need to be removed with gnome grenades. New weapons are slowly introduced over the course of the game with a total of five by the final boss. You also have a melee option in the form of a belt whip, which can stun enemies, fix saggy pants, and even lets you swing from poles and chandeliers.

As you fight, your FAB meter at the bottom of the screen will fill up. At 100%, you can press Q to break out your glove and start slapping fools silly for a few seconds. The glove will solve all fashion crimes and teleports you to a target on click, making for a very fun screen clearer. For a lot of the game it does feel like levels are designed to have you use it in specific sections, but later on you get a bit more freedom. 59ce067264


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