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3 Holiday Tails

It's the 22nd December and college student Sally Kroger (Marylee Osborne) doesn't do Christmas and the idea of returning home for the holidays to spend Christmas with her family is right down the list of things she should do. Things ...

3 Holiday Tails

So far, most e-commerce sites have stood up well to holiday traffic, research firm Keynote Systems said. only launched its site this summer, and this is their first taste of the holiday shopping crunch.

Broken-down Web sites have practically become an online holiday tradition. Shoppers pouring into Web sites have in the past crippled such online stores as, Dell Computer, eBay and Virgin Megastore.

Fall is my favorite season. Cooler weather, changing scenery and the start of holiday decorations and preparations for retailers everywhere. While it may seem early to start thinking about the holidays, if you are an entrepreneur in the retail space, you started your planning months ago.

For years, holiday planning was fairly routine, but the rapid adoption of ecommerce and the proliferation of smart mobile devices -- the combination of which seemingly gives us anything, anytime and delivered anywhere -- has fundamentally changed consumers' shopping habits and expectations.

While many retailers continue to struggle to deal with this evolving threat, some have adopted strategies to integrate online tools, such as social media, to their benefit. Regardless, all retailers need to consider a unified digital and in-store strategy to be successful this and future holiday seasons.

Retailers are on the tail end of a rapidly evolving shopping experience. Innovative retail entrepreneurs who understand this new shopping mindset and embrace, engage and encourage these changes will be best positioned to capitalize this holiday season.

Telleen noted that staffing patterns often determine response times. For example,e-tailers often hire extra personnel to handle holiday sales in the fourth quarter, thenretain those employees for much of the first quarter of the next calendar year to handlereturns and exchanges. 041b061a72


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