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Where To Buy Trailer Tires

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Where To Buy Trailer Tires

Many RV owners take their tires for granted. Maintaining your RV and trailer tires is essential to your RV maintenance duties. But what happens when it comes time to replace your RV and trailer tires?

Equipping your RV with the right tires comes down to several factors. Each RV manufacturer recommends metrics and measurements to help you choose properly-rated tires for their RV and travel trailer models.

Tires for Class A RVs tend to be more expensive than car tires or tires for Class C RVs because they are larger and heavier. Owners of Class B RVs will usually pay less per tire because they require smaller and lighter tires, but your cost may be higher if you decide to invest in higher-quality tires made for off-roading.

While RV tire covers reduce tire wear and tear, you can keep your tires healthy by parking on friendlier surfaces. Using leveling blocks or tiered tire ramps helps you level your RV right the first time and gets them up off unforgiving terrain.

Unfortunately, not all RV and trailer tires are created equal. Whether you need to replace blown tires or simply want to buy new RV tires, Camping World is here to help. Our service center locations can assist you in finding and installing the right tires for your RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel.

Depending on the trailer, you may be able to find LT (Light Truck) tires that work. This can help with aesthetics if you want your trailer tires to match the ones on your tow vehicle. Or you can simply stick with ST (Special Trailer) tires, which include radial and bias construction options.

Radial tires tend to last longer overall and are less likely to develop flat spots when parked for extended periods of time (some trailers are parked over the winter). Radial tires perform well at highway speeds, dissipate heat better, and offer lower rolling resistance for a smoother ride.

Bias (or bias-ply) tires are less expensive, though that does come with a cost. Their belt construction consists of nylon belts that run at a 30- to 45-degree angle. This makes their sidewalls stronger and capable of handling more significant weight loads than radial tires. However, this greater strength reduces the flexing ability of the tire. That means it has a shorter lifespan than a radial tire.

Truck Tire Dealers: Generally, truck tire shops have the widest selection of tires that will work with RVs, since trucks and RVs tend to use the same kinds of tires. This is especially true for light truck (LT) tires.

The manufacturer of your vehicle has specified vehicle-specific tires. Although your vehicle will fit other tires not specially designed for your vehicle, your manufacturers warranty may be impacted if you purchase non vehicle specific tires. If you have any questions, please contact us for help.

Trailer tires are a special service tire used for utility trailers, boat trailer and travel trailers. A free-rolling, heavy-duty constructed tire with a greater load range and tire pressure than the common passenger tire, these specially designed tires are typically stiffer and narrower to help with the demands of these tasks the tire is expected to accomplish, such as sway reduction, towing stability, and a cooler tire, resulting in a longer lifespan. Trailer Tires are not to be used on cars and trucks.

Don't overload trailer tires. The maximum load that a single tire can safely carry is listed on the sidewall. For a single-axle trailer with tires rated at 2,000 pounds, the maximum load should not exceed 4,000 pounds. For a double-axle trailer with the same tires, the maximum load should not exceed 8,000 pounds. To provide a margin of safety, we recommend that the actual load not exceed 90% of the rated load capacity. NOTE: Regardless of the load capacity of the tires, never exceed the trailer's GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) provided by the manufacturer.

We like the Trailer King ST tire because of its beefy 10-ply radial construction, which guards against de


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